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What is an INDEPENDENT ARTIST... Really???

I was just talking to a good friend of mine, having a conversation quite similar to some that I’ve had before with those who are close to me. I hate to sound like I’m venting, but you know what... I am venting and, so help me God, someone’s going to hear me...

Some people have heard me say that, essentially, I’m a one man show. Well, that’s not an exaggeration: I am my entire business and, simply put, I’m tired! I’m tired of a lot of things, but most of all:

I’m tired of being my own manager... I’m tired of being my own promoter... I’m tired of being my own publicist... I’m tired of being my own booking agent... I’m tired of being my own accountant... I’m tired of being my own lawyer... I’m tired of being my own secretary... I’m tired of being my own intern... I’m tired of being my own studio technician... I’m tired of being my own recording engineer... I’m tired of being my own roady at my shows...

:::Deep breath:::

Get the point?

Maybe some of you - in fact, most of you - don’t believe me when I say that I really do account for 99.999% of my business! The fact remains that (with exceptions few and far between) everything you see and hear from E. BLAND is a direct product of yours truly! My self-made debut album has sold around the world in more than 10 different countries less than a year after its release. My first single on my upcoming CD has been played 18,000 times on MySpace in less than six months! All of this by myself!!! Just imagine what I could do with a little bit of help in just a few of the areas I mentioned above...

Now... I say all of this with strong conviction and complete sincerity. With that said, I still want nothing more than to share my God-given gift with the world. At the very least, the help I need will allow me the time to focus on creating and giving you all what you want and need to hear. So, this is me - a humble, hungry, and truly independent artist - speaking with the voice that is seldom heard. The voice of the man behind the music. For those of you who know me personally, you already know where I’m coming from. For those who don’t, I pray that you find it in your heart to connect with at least something I said.

I’m not asking for anything... it is what it is. I just needed to talk...



March 7, 2008 (Hackensack, NJ) – He may only be known to underground neo-soul music fans around the world, but to the students at Hackensack Middle School he is nothing short of a superstar. A native of Hackensack, NJ and a product of the city’s public school system, soul musician E. Bland volunteered his afternoon on Friday, March 7, 2008 to give a private concert for over 300 students at his eighth grade alma mater. The attending students were invited to the special event as a reward for achieving academic honors in the preceding marking period.

E. Bland and his band performed for almost an hour, sharing a selection of his original tunes as well as a cover song by the late, great Ray Charles that had the entire crowd on their feet, dancing and singing along. Toward the end of the show, Bland invited two of the students to join him on stage as backup singers. The two girls happily agreed, and helped sing his song “Necessary” while proudly sporting their E. Bland “Soul” t-shirts and a pair of smiles.

It was inevitable that an auditorium full of seventh and eighth graders would enjoy a visit from a professional musician (from their hometown, nonetheless). The experience, however, touched many of them in ways that transcended the mere thrill of entertainment. One student wrote to Bland through his website saying, “You’ve set an example for me to do well … I know now that I need an education to get where I want and make it big. Thank you deeply.” Hackensack Middle School Principal, Andrea Oates-Parchment called the performance a “mountain-top experience” and spoke on behalf of the students, faculty and administration: “He is a positive role model for our students and he reinforces this message in his lyrics, which support love and family. We are especially thrilled that he wanted to give back to his community in such a unique way.” Regarding his impact on the students and staff in attendance, the humble artist simply stated, “This is why I do what I do.”

E. Bland is currently recording his sophomore album, entitled “Soulcentric” which is expected to hit stores this summer. His debut, “Just Me…” is currently available on iTunes and the CD can be purchased through his company’s website www.reelmusiclives.com. For more information and to hear his music, visit www.eblandsoul.com or join him on MySpace at www.myspace.com/ebland.