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Ready for the new year

Every gig has been an improvement and I'm ready to reach out to a bigger audience in the new year. Stay true to your vision and you will attain it. Just be careful what you wish for!

Get your songs out of the studio and to the people!

One biggest issues I find with other songwriters/musicians is they don’t know when to quit trying to perfect their product and let their recordings out to the people. You don’t need a full CDs length of material to get your songs out. An “EP” can be just a few songs and sold for less money or given away as promo. With the HUGE focus on web distribution these days even manufacturing a CD is becoming a bygone process. For most of us selling CDs at a gig is about the only place we’ll re coup our investment on manufacturing. So, don’t make 1000 first batch. Make 100 and see what the reaction is and then if you want to make revisions on a 2nd batch, no problem. Chances are you’ll be pretty happy with what you’ve created and will start on your next project. In the world of web marketing it’s better to get a few songs out every quarter than wait a year or more to release that 1st or 2nd CD. It keeps your name in the spot light more often. Get your stuff out there and get some real world feedback. You’ll learn a lot and can see where you are winning and where you might want to adjust your product for your goals. Just do it! :-)

Mia Lotus
Mia Lotus  (over 2 years ago)

I agree! Good ideas!

Internet recording collaboration

In the middle of a collaboration recording project with a dear friend back East, Will Devitt. We go back over 41+ years when we were playing in one of the more creative and open architecture bands I ever played with. Every gig and every night was different and the we had a great following who came out to enjoy the "moment". He and his partner have been successfully recording in Nashville as of late and regularly tour the Midwest & East coast. 'hopefully I can get them out to California soon :-) Sharing files over the internet has worked out amazingly well. A few brief phone calls to clarify misc arrangements and we're making great progress with this project.

New videos coming soon

New videos coming soon. I've got about 14 solo songs on video from a Community TV show and a local concert as well as some good board recordings I have to sort through and see what I want to put out for the world to see and hear.

Fun Weekend :-)

★ I have two VERY fun weekend gigs coming up. Saturday 8PM Michael's On Main playing with the Road Hogs and Cindy Edwards, Great food and drink and wonderful place to Party & Dance inside or out on the heated patio. FREE - No Cover Charge

Sunday Noon - 2PM, I'm playing solo as Toby Gray - Highway Buddha at the The Reef Bar & Restaurant - Pono Hawaiian Grill opening up for a special Hawaiian concert by Patrick Landeza & Bill Griffin.

IABD in San Diego gig

'really nice weekend in San Diego with It's a Beautiful Day at AMSDconcerts. Having a crew that's been together for 13-40 years lets us explore a lot of fun musical turf and the audience really appreciates the camaraderie of this band.

Video and audio production

Time to get a good video and recording of the Highway Buddha Trio. 'will have an opportunity June 15 :-)

Reef/Pono gig

'had a REALLY fun gig with my friend Aaln Sitar Brown who say in with his sitar and added some very fun music to my tunes. We'll do it again next month :-)

Great Earth Day gig

The concert at Crystal Bay Farm turned out to be a wonderful experience. 'joined by my friends Alan Sitar Brown and Ken Mowery. Great vibes from an excellent audience. Blessings!

April update

Highway Buddha starts the Festival season off with a 420 Springtime Fest on an organic farm by the Pacific ocean. Joined by Alan "Sitar" Brown and Ken Mowery it'll be a fun evening covering a lot of different audio turf!

'just finished a wonderful weekend playing bass with It's A Beautiful Day. 33 years of working with the Laflammes has had it's up and downs and it's a great feeling when we can pack a couple of venues and put smiles on the audience's faces!

Last but not least, there is a 1/2 hour Road Hogs video I produced being aired on Community TV this month. A culmination of many hours of mixing and editing of our Dec show at Don Quixotes.