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Another year and the album is done...

The leaves are vibrant once again and life moves by as transient as clouds in the sky. Megan and I have finished our next album titled 'Within'. The story picks up where our previous recordings left off but the musical style is a rather different approach. The main character is wandering around the world she destroyed, finding no human life left alive, yet she herself cannot die, something is calling to her, a purpose, an unknown reason within. The new group of songs are entirely acoustic, Megan and I playing only guitars and a small amount of percussion, simple overlays, with Megan's signature vocals. Many done in one take, raw and as natural as it gets. Megan is moving down south and we felt we finished up at an amazing point, life moves on and who knows what the future holds. Recording these songs was an incredible experience for both of us and we are very proud of them. We have chosen to currently share them, un-mastered, free for download, and laid bare for all to hear and share. We hope you enjoy listening to them as much as we had writing and recording them, it is simply us, for the love of music and creation - Within.

Fall is in the air

As the leaves drop Megan and I are laying down tracks for our second cd. Things are moving along well with our first track nearly done and so many ideas flowing, keep an eye out for a new song sample and other news coming soon!

Back to it

Summer is here and amongst all our outdoor activities we've been writing and will be jumping in full force soon. Keep an eye on the site for new happenings and sounds coming very soon!

New times

Things are moving along well, our cd with Monkey Suit is in the process of being mastered and Relative Blood is still available on itunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/relative-blood/id304546918

Can't wait to get our new music to your ears and playing live again!

New page

Hey everyone, we just opened up this page and with any luck we'll be up for sale on itunes and many other sites within a couple of months! Thanks for checking us out, let us know what you think. We're currently working with a talented drummer and bass player but it won't be 'Relative Blood', but you never know what we'll end up playing, keep an eye out for new song clips as we continue to write and record!