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Hi there

I thought I'd write a little blog as it's been a while. I hope you're all doing good out there.

I'm still in LA but moving home to Ireland for good in September. LA is a wonderful place and gets such a bad wrap. There definitely is the faker baker side but there is also a very beautiful side to LA that never ends up in the mags. Lots of wonderful creative people live here, not in Hollywood but up in the Canyons. It's well worth visiting if you ever get the chance.

I was sent a script to read a few weeks ago with the view to writing some songs for the film. It is such an incredible story and I can't believe it landed on my lap. I'm gonna give it my best shot, I guess that's all one can do!

Still writing songs for my next album, looking to release it in October.

I can't think of anything else to report.. oh a bird shat on my head today while I was having breakfast!!

Yes I'm scraping the barrel


Oliver video

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that the music video for "Oliver" is now up on youtube. Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onDHiQqRbhg

I'm really excited to have something out there for you to see. It's a simple performance video. I personally think it's really intense as there are not a lot of shots. Check it out and I hope you like it.

Be well,

Gemma x

Twitter/Street team

Hi all

Hope you are keeping well out there. Just letting you know I am now a Twitter!!!! If you want to follow my blog be my guest. My days are not that exciting but I will let you know if I come across a rattle snake ( which I did the other day) or other such craziness. Or maybe ask why the Toblerone is seen as chocolate for grown ups. Do any of you remember Wham bars by the way? Maybe I can throw some lyric ideas at you and we can try to write a song together! The link is http://twitter.com/gemma_hayes

I also wanted to let you know that my dear friend Jessica Kuijer has set up a Street Team to let people know about up coming shows and cd's and basically to spread the word around. It's humbling to see how much love and effort she puts into this site. The link is www.myspace.com/gemmahayesstreetteam

Thanks to those of you gave me feedback about the Oliver EP. I'm delighted to have some music out there atm. It's great to be able to go straight to Itunes without having to go through the middle men/women. Anyway hope you enjoyed it.

I've been writing songs for the next album and so far they are coming out a lot more up beat and rhythmically based. Lots of strange instruments on this one too but not in a world music kind of way, not that there's anything wrong with world music. Yep I should probably stop talking at this point!


Oliver on iTunes

1st of April,

Hi Everyone

I just realized that the Oliver EP is available on Itunes from today!!

Hope you are all keeping well


Slight Delay


There are a few things holding up the release of the Oliver EP. Really sorry about this. Hoping to make it available by end of week. Until then I've put up a song for you to have a listen to.


New Video!

Hello again!

I don't know how I forgot to tell you all about my new video for the song HOME. We shot it in Calabasas, California. They shot some scenes from Gone With The Wind there and also a Julio Iglesias video, how cool eh?

Anyway we just put it up on youtube so if you have time or the inclination to check it out please do. Let me know what you think.


Hope everyone is keeping well

God Bless

Gemma x



I hope everyone out there is doing good. I just wanted to let you know I recorded a five track EP. It's called Oliver. While David Odlum and myself were playing a few gigs together a couple of months back in LA and cities close by, we began recording bits and pieces on our days off. Most of the songs were recorded at my kitchen table into the wee hours of the morning. After too many pots of tea and the odd tantrum we both sat back and listened to what we had created and were so happy with it.

It's official release is on March 9th but only through my myspace page and website. This is just a little project David and myself decided to do for the sheer joy of it, I really hope some of you out there enjoy it too. As soon as I can I will put up a song for people to hear on the above sites.

Well that's it for now,


Gemma x