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It's almost Thanksgiving!!! Whoop Whoop!! :)

What are YOU thankful for??? I am most thankful for my personal relationship with my BF, amazing man in my life, the provider, protector, healer, companion and every other name that is GOOD and right in my life - JESUS! I I am also very thankful for my 2 beautiful and loving daughters and my son-in -law, my family (parents and sister) and all the many BF'S and friends GOD has given me! I am thankful for my new job that I LOVE and they have made it very clear that they LOVE me! It may not be where I will always be, be it is where I am now.. and GOD will work out all the other details. I am very thankful for ONE very special friend and they KNOW who they are and what they mean to me! God has been gracious to me this year as HE always has been, I am so glad that I am able to recognize it and share it back with others. One of the dreams/visions I have had over and over was to get my music/HIS music in me published, out there for others to enjoy.. that is now a reality. It is on Reverbnation as Free Streaming (not a download) and you can listen to it whenever you want. I will sometime soon have CD'S available. I wish I could just give them ALL away, but I spent thousands of dollars getting them produced and just being gone and working on them. I will let you know when they are available for sale... 21 songs in all have been recorded in the studio of Big Matador Studio with Curt Ryle and Lydia Walker of Lydia Walker Music. She is my voice for my music that I write, that GOD has been writing on my heart for over 15 years and I am just now getting the opportunity in life to do something with them... Thanks for the many prayers to those of you who KNOW my story.... and it's not the end... only GOD knows that part! :LOVE U! :) :) 3

New song uploads - by Songwriter Holli J. Harris - THREE ACCORD

Welcome to my blog! I am excited that I am finally getting all the music that has been recorded in 2013 - 21 songs total and 1 audio book that will be published in an ebook and a soft cover with Random House this year. It is a 7 book children's series. Thank you for being part of my music and my life! LOVE U! :) :) 3

New Life / New music/ New Living!

Blogging about the music GOD writes on my heart; recorded or unrecorded. Let's connect! by Holli J. Harris-THREE ACCORD :) LOVE U! :) :) 3 3 3