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Took a minute

Linked up with my man SINO musically for the first time; after about two years in the making and banged out a classic, with that on spot recipe type vibes. Check it out: http://soundcloud.com/damionlynx/ft-sino


It's all a game, I see that now; game on.................!


Hey world! Check out or download Mellow Drum's, new album, featuring a handful of upcoming east coast artist and also your boy, Lynx! "This album is a tribute to the East Coast and pioneers of hip hop.


Expresss yourself

Why live in the path or shadow of another? He or she might be doing the same. Life is diluted by imitators, the concentration level on individualism is weak. Blessed.

Patience: something I continually have to teach myself

I have been watching days turn to weeks and then to months: been a while since my mind moved a pen to grace a page. I once heard that multitasking is overrated, but this is depressing: I love to create. For now everything is at a standstill music wise, until current goals for the future is achieved! Til then I invite you all to enjoy the existing fruits of my labor: I got something coming. Thanks for the ongoing support.


Definition: The ability of a person to perform more than one task at the same time.

Process I constantly wrestle with. Which do I prioritize: a 9-5 profession or my music career? Especially in an industry today where all is at your fingertips. Can be a curse and a blessing; which makes them directly proportion to each other.