Music and its state

We are currently working on new material for our 3 upcoming album. The music is coming along great, we are pounding out a bunch of new shit that I think all of you will like. We are taking our music in a different direction again. And it wasnt on purpose, it just happens to a band that has been together for 6 years. We have become better players, and song writers. The band has finally come to one goal and direction. To play what we feel and hope you can enjoy what we are doing. If not then sorry. But when I talk about music and its state, just from my view. And this is totally my thoughts. I believe people have lost site of why, us as musicians and songwriters do this. Its for that one hour on stage to feel amazing, to play whats in our hearts and not care if we make people happy. Its to suck on our own terms, and be amazing on our own terms. It to fail and learn. Learn what works and what is bull shit. Music should be raw, real and emotion. Not pro tools the fuck out or spliced guitar lines to make it sound perfect. The mess up in recordings need to be there, they make the song real. anyway i could go on for hours. Hey guys be true to yourself and be the best damn band you can be. We are trying to. Thanks


bOoking shows what a pain..we need a manager

New Album

Right Now we are working on a Live album..this wil be called the empty venue tour! Second, by april we are going into the studio to finish recording our second Album. Gonna rock harder then the first one! Right now we are working with Echo Eyes Production and trying to set a tour for the spring of 2011. Will post tour date when available. 2011 will be a great year for music and BUKKIT

The Empty Venue Tour

The one thing I h ate, is playing to an empty venue. It sux so bad. All your freinds tell you,"hey we'll be there", yeah right