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Hello there, Ihave been nominated in the Female Country Music Category!!!! Pretty please click this link and vote for me! Deadline is July 18th!! http://awardshownow.com/cmawards/nominees/

What I have been up too!!

I just wrote up a new Bio for myself since I have been doing so much it seems the last few months! I was going to share it with you all! I couldn't have done it without all of you and your support, love, and respect for the music I sing.

2013-2014 Has been Allison Ledbetter’s biggest year yet! Her first album, “Butterfly Blues” dropped on January 1, 2014. Allison Ledbetter has a free App available for download on all Apple and Android products! It is available on numerous sites including iTunes, amazon, and more! Her music is featured on over 8 radio stations 2 being from Europe. Allison was asked to open up the 14th annual Invasion of the GoGirls during SXSW in Austin, TX March 13, 2014. Allison will be performing at the Music Launch Conference and Festival in Lancaster, PA where her music will be featured on the festival’s 2014 compilation cd for featured artists. Allison was asked to be on the Female Flow mix tape of 2014. From November Allison Ledbetter has gained a great online presence. From November until present Allison has had close to 5,000 new fans for her Allison Ledbetter Music page featured on www.facebook.com/AllisonLedbetterMusic. Please also check out my webpage: www.reverbnation.com/AllisonLedbetter where you can see my show schedule, listen to music, and more! Allison will be one of the featured artists at the Mint Hill Madness Festival in May in North Carolina. Present plans for Allison Ledbetter is to continue touring North America promoting her music and new album, “Butterfly Blues” as she films her upcoming music video for her single off of the album. New music plans: Allison is has been recording her sophomore album since the Fall of 2013. She is laying down some interesting covers and will be including original music and lyrics by Allison Ledbetter and Friends. Be on the look out for new items in the Allison Ledbetter Reverberation store as well as new music on her upcoming sophomore album dropping in the Fall of 2014.



My name is Allison Ledbetter and I just began my reverbnation page and blog! I am so excited to share my music with family, friends, and future fans. I am going to keep my page updated almost daily with new info on album releases, new songs from the studio, and show dates. Thank you so much for checking out my profile and blog and I hope my music touches your heart and soul. Thank you and hope to write to you soon!

- Allison Ledbetter