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Forth Coming Book

This book like all things in life is not about self, but my life as it relates to the forming of the Ministry of Spirit 2 Spirit. Life is a Testimony…”To God Be The Glory” `

I know in my soul, those led by the spirit to read this book will find revelation, comfort, encouragement, and most importantly, a sense of purpose. In a world where most feel their lives are meaningless and worthless, The day to day struggle to survive has left little room for hope, even so, it is by Gods’ grace we live. Everyday we see and hear people crying out for help thru empty eyes of hopelessness, and acts of hatred, which is in direct conflict with the spirit that keeps us alive. That which has become socially acceptable behavior is the divide between life and death.. The phrases; I’m gonna do me, and it is what it is have become quite common, but what do they really mean. How can anyone concern themselves with only their concerns with no idea of who they are?: I believe the only thing that is what it is, is God….Un-wavering…Un-changing …Consistent. .

We are all blessed in spite of, for clearly it has been written and proven; that which I would do, I do not; and That which I would do not, that I do. No matter how long or short your lifespan, this world, is temporary, as are our situations and circumstances. Tomorrow is not promised, yet many people, plot, plan, and scheme, with no real reverence of today. We are blessed no matter our present state of being as long as you have life….you’re here… We are all flesh, blood and bone, and of one family…just many tribes…and that’s why some don’t get it! We live in a society with a I mentality…Me…Mine….A false sense of ownership. The very best God can give, (and that is without limit) while we are here is simply put in our care. Wherever this mindset is absent, there is dysfunction. The same people, who jumped on the Jesus bandwagon, are the same ones who demanded his death!

Every problem I have ever encountered in this life was rooted in a false sense of self. I was taught that self confidence and high self esteem were mandatory for a life of success. However; I learned a joyful life is found in service thru our gifts and talents to fulfill our purpose. It’s about a sense of purpose! That is the only success real success to consider! You heard the old saying; money can’t buy you love…its true whether you believe it or not, however, money can be used in service to your purpose. Money is only a tool…it doesn’t have a value comparable to life. What is Spirit 2 Spirit? Who is Spirit 2 Spirit? . Superficially it’s the word spirit repeated twice with the number 2 between the two that represents the word ; To. It asks a question and or states how the word relates to itself. ….again asks a question and makes a statement. One word repeated twice, with the number 2 separating the two. The dictionary meaning of the word Spirit is as follows: 1.) The incorporeal part of a man in general or of an individual, or an aspect of this, such as the mind or soul.. 2.) This part, or such an aspect, with relation to the religious, intellectual, cultural, or other concerns proper to it: things of the spirit. 3.) A supernatural, incorporeal being, as a ghost. It goes on …however the one I found interesting was this: The Spirit, God --adj.

Spirit 2 Spirit as it relates to us is the name and terms we have given our Ministry of Music, and a means of communication.

The Bible makes this statement;. GOD is not a man, but Spirit, Those who would worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

It only stands to reason, to worship God; one must be able to communicate with him. But how does one have a conversation with God? How can anyone speak to someone who isn’t physically present, and not feel foolish, or how can they distinguish his voice from all the other voices in ones head?

Building A Dynasty

Kingdom Blessings All.

When most people are getting ready for sleep or rest from a long day or night of doing whatever it takes to maintain their status in life, (job, family, kids, business, ministry, ect...) or build on what they have accomplished, I’m wide awake, can’t sleep or rest. My mind seems to stay in a state of unrest because I know someone doesn’t have a place to sleep, and somebody kids don’t have food to eat; ect…but; some couple just flew to the islands to have dinner and have a private jet waiting to get them home so they won’t miss their tennis lesson the next day, but I have no control over it.

When I was a active addict I would burn the candle on both ends to get and stay high until I was burned out just not to have to deal with so called reality…I had no control over that either.

However, today even though I can’t sleep because of the things out of my control, The Holy Spirit that lives within me reassures me “We” as a people can make a difference. For years black people have been asked to pool their resources to become owners of businesses instead of just consumers only to eventually sell out and think about themselves, once again…like crabs in a barrel, pulling one another down being their own worst enemy never realizing the enemy in self. Don’t delude yourself…The truth is, it’s going to get worse before it gets better, yet those who have made up minds to be their brothers keeper will prosper even in times such as these. However; you have to be genuine, and you must have faith! Guilt will destroy any hope for change, so it is not my intention to feed ones guilt, but to let you know you can make a difference. Together we can save lives, create businesses and jobs; cloth and feed the needy, care for the elderly, mentor our youth, care for the handicapped and those who live with infectious disease, fund feasible research…HEAL THE LAND… As individuals, we can…SHOP TILL WE DROP…. and leave it all behind when we DIE for our families to dispute over.

We need your support to make a difference…Give and it shall be given you, pressed down, 100 fold if you have faith in something other than yourselves. I shared this because the Spirit within compelled me to, and maybe…some of you can’t sleep either…

Stay encouraged, & be blessed! Denny & Mike /Spirit2Spirit www.spirit2spiritministry.com