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Kin-Z.com has Arrived

Writing poetry has always been Kin-Z’s passion, but when he learned to freestyle, he became infatuated by his ability to turn his words into music. Starting out, Kin-Z downloaded instrumentals from his favorite artists and begin to write songs with no real direction. In 2006 Kin-Z met K.T. Johnson, forming a group called U&I (Unique & Inspired). With K.T. having a studio, and knowledge of making beats, they were on their way to produce their debut album. However, upon the conclusion of the album, K.T. & Kin-Z decided they should continue to work together, but pursue individual careers.

Over the next few years, Kin-Z met several artists and producers he collaborated with to make a collection of songs. Using major artists beats to original beats, Kin-Z invested in his own studio, and continued to write and record. Using ProTools Kin-Z was able to learn the art of mixing and mastering, producing a wide variety of songs.

Although Kin-Z does not play an instrument, he has learned how to digitally produce instrumentals through programs like Garage Band. Also with the help of Jeremy Ingram, guitarists and producer, amongst other talented musicians, his new album Rhythm2Hymn will be completely produced by Kin-Z, with all original beats. From writing to producing, Kin-Z, has kept his focus on making positive music.