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Invicta has arrived!

Mike Schii here. I'm extremely grateful that I can post this blog to you, because it indicates one main thing - we have a Reverbnation account! This might not seem like a big deal, but what it indicates is quite important, because Invicta has been involved in a 1.5 year battle now behind the scenes that we've talked about very little.

I discovered a while ago that another band had taken our name. I informed them of our pre-existing usage of the name and they apologized. I said no big deal, just change your name in a few months. They didn't. I talked to Facebook and had their Facebook page taken down. Well, a few months later I noticed they had also taken the URL on Reverbnation so we couldn't use the account. THIS MEANS WAR!

I tried to get Reverbnation to take down their page like I had Facebook do, but they informed me that this other band now had the federal trademark on the name Invicta! What!? We got a law team behind us and found out that they had filed for the trademark after I told them they needed to change their name. Bad news - that's trademark fraud! They eventually agreed to transfer us the trademark and change their name, so the story has a happy ending, but what an ordeal it has been.

Now, we're hitting it hard and this new Reverbnation account is proof. Stay connected with us through here and through our website www.invicta-music.com, and more importantly, stay brutal! \m/