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By Mark Welch

Vision sees empty pews filled to capacity... in the prayer and preparation stage. This is the repositioning of our faith, for the revival and miracles that will manifest themselves, if we can merely... see beyond the obvious. The obvious is the summation of the limitations of our senses, our fears, insecurities, fragility and accrued self-defeatism. However, there is a place beyond the obvious... beyond our carnality and mortal capacities.

You can't get "beyond the obvious" without vision. Faith is the catalyst motivating action. Once you have repositioned, the journey is worth little without deeds. Is such a place in God a journey less traveled? A dimension... where the best of Heaven reaches down and embraces humanity? This is truly a place where vision becomes victory. Spiritual vessels reaching beyond their comfort zones. Yes, a level beyond our limits. But, it is there... and only then, when our limitless Creator can deliver His desired Will.

I am positive, if we refuse to "settle" for the obvious, what's beyond is a move of God that will be realized in these Last Days like never before. Stretch your faith! Put your miracle in motion! I hope to see you... "beyond" the obvious. Revival is impatiently waiting.

Blessings to all, as we strive to live in and do His Will.

How Am I Building My Life? This is My Desire - By Mark Welch

How could I ever forget the day, a time back in my early twenties... I couldn't breathe. I literally felt like I was suffocating, as family frantically rushed me to the hospital. Will never forget looking out the window as the trees and landscape whisked by, certain... I would never see them again.

On that ominous wintery night, roads and tundra frozen over with snow and ice, the car that pulled out in front of my Dad, with me in the passenger seat. A head-on collision at 45 mph, barreling the other vehicle 50 feet, smashing them into a telephone pole. Only half of our car was recognizable... the entire front, annihilated. My father knocked unconscious, me bleeding profusely from propelling into the front windshield, looking over, not knowing by the quiescence of my Dad, whether he was alive... or dead. Desperately, I kicked the door open... limping my way out in a daze of fear. We walked away that day... they didn't.

Too many times, yes, more than once, almost drowning. A first glimpse of a heavenly pretermission, while barely saving myself, by kicking furiously out of the cattails of an unyielding Michigan lake. Still yet, another time... saved by a life guard.

Casually perusing along on that beautiful sunny day, the old beat-up Oldsmobile was thankful transportation. Cruising about 40 mph, approaching a major intersection... coming to a tee. As I tried to come to a stop, frantically, I realized I had lost ALL of my brakes! Smitten with horror, I quickly perceived only three choices... all of them bad. Crash into the van in front of me, veer sharply to the left and crash into the restaurant, or take my chance with attempting an impossible hard right turn as I would incurvate through the red light... certainly on two wheels. All odds of getting hit appeared imminent.

The road before me was a frenzy with rush-hour traffic. I truly knew all options would likely be fatal. Out of pure reflex, I chose the risk of taking the turn through the stop light, hoping to successfully weave my way through the countless on-coming vehicles. I whispered a prayer, grit my teeth and through squinted eyes carreened through the traffic of blaring horns until I coasted to a stop. I sat there, my whole body shaking uncontrollably... even at the point when my Dad would finally reach me, some 20 minutes later. I knew I had cheated death. That day, my life was a gift from God.

My dear friends, I encourage each and every one of you to peer just over the edge of life... into the abyss of perpetuity. You will quickly realize, life is but for a moment... like a vapor, then comes eternity. Truly, life is so very fragile. Only one life and soon it will pass, only what's done for Christ will last. We must ask ourselves, how are we building our lives? Are we seeking to accrue treasures here on earth... or crowns for our eternity?

Any fleeting glimpse you may glean of my world is merely one's effort at "building". Sometimes my progress is good, other times... not so good. Sometimes my life may reach a new level... a higher plane. Sadly, but for the times... then came the storm, bringing all of my aspirations crashing back down to earth. However, my progress is limited only by my own abilities, courage, a will to succeed... and the grace of God.

I shall live each day as large as I can... I shall fight for what I believe. And, as I fight, I shall give all that is within me. Relentlessly pressing forward against the constraints of this flesh, cognizant my mortality may fall on it's face. But, if I fall... I shall fall forward. Still yet, I shall not waver. For surely, if I fall... for a fugacious moment, Heaven will reach down and touch Earth... as my Father leans to catch my soul, even before my flesh meets the dust from whence it came. Yes, my friend, if my mortality fails me, I shall fall forward... into the arms of God.

This is my desire...

Mark Welch

Sarge Tha Dame
Sarge Tha Dame  (about 5 years ago)


The Blessing Beyond The Broken - By Mark Welch

Trying to see the blessing beyond the broken, triumph beyond the trial, mercy beyond the madness. Trying to see beyond the obvious, for many times... the obvious doesn't appear worth seeing. How can faith live amidst failure... trust survive the torment? This is when spiritual roots cling relentlessly to the foundation of one's heritage. I MUST press on and not give in or give up! But, lest I fall... I shall fall forward, into the arms of my God. Mark Welch

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