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Vote for Hotels in Billboard.com's Battle of the Bands!

Everyone loves a good underdog story. This is your chance to be a part of one.

For as winter at long last turns to spring here in the sleepy Northwest, Hotels finds itself as 1 of 18 bands included in Billboard.com’s (yes, THAT Billboard.com) Battle of the Bands. Our 18 will be narrowed down to 6 finalists (each from a different region of the country) via fan vote on the Billboard.com Battle of the Bands site. The 6 finalists will road-trip down to Las Vegas- gigging and documenting their trip along the way- for a shot at the grand prize: a live performance slot during this year’s Billboard Music Awards Show.

Take a minute with all that if you need to. We took several.

We need your help to be the Cinderella story to come out of our Northwest bracket. Our competition: the mighty Champagne Champagne and Grynch. Your votes over the next few weeks will determine who goes to Vegas, and who stays home doing their best Brando ‘I coulda been a contenda’ in the mirror.

We need you, travelers. Now more than ever.




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