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Something to think about.

Here's something to think about.

There's something a lot of people really don't consider when they listen to a song, any song at all of any genre. It's the man hours that go into that song. It all starts (at least our process, as they may vary from artist to artist) with a single person putting a pen to a paper or humming a tune. It passes from there to a discussion between band mates with everything from jun-jun-jiggy sounds and hand motions to help convey the overall feeling. Everyone gets a general idea of what the song is and begins mixing their own ideas into it. From there it moves to the cutting room floor where hours and hours of time, thought, discussion and argument go into what should go where, how hard each part should touch the listener and the overall dynamic. Once the song is complete in a live setting it's practiced to perfection days on end. Fingers go raw, sweat pours, and it becomes something worth listening to. Something to entertain people. It's played show after show, bar after bar in front of people of all types and tastes. So the time comes to put this song onto CD. You find yourself a producer and a studio and sit in with them. Creative gears turn again and again with everyone putting their best foot forward to try to make this something that everyone can enjoy. Something to maximize your audience without changing the song entirely. The compromises are made, the tracks are recorded, and it's time to mix each one individually. Overall tone, the way the instruments compliment each other, the rise and fall of the music, everything is considered. Hours turn to days as a man or men stare at the waveform of your little song and turn it into the best they can. These files bounce back and forth from artists to mixer for days until everyone is happy. You listen to the track 100 times, picking at every flaw and considering what you could have done better or different before the day finally comes when you get to post all that hard work and creativity for the world to see and hopefully enjoy. One song. Months worth of work. Multiple minds. All for 4 minutes of something that someone will walk around playing in their headphones and enjoying. Just something to consider.

- Joey

Demo coming soon!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you guys know that the actual finished demo will be up as soon as I (the singer) am physically able to! I've come down with a little bit of a cold and am waiting it out to make sure that I'm 100% for the recording. So now worries. Just figured we should touch base and let you guys know that we're not holding out on you and plan on posting MUCH more than a 30 second preview as soon as possible! Thanks very much for the support so far and keeping us at the #1 slot and we hope that once we post our music we stay that way.

Thanks for everything, Joey