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Moral Fibre

Life is a solemn journey, my friends; as much as we are all in this together, yet we alone travel our Lives. Each day is a personal lesson, each year one of moral judgments. Weigh justly the obstacles of your trek. And know that when your heart is heaviest, the Goodness beneath it can bear it. You are the Universe-- represent. JMS

Where do you Stand?

Politics is a two-party system-- Authoritarian & Libertarian; chains or freedom. The Beauty of this world is not marred by the imperfections in it, for they are an integral manifestation of existance and thus an expression of Perfection, as it has been scientifically proven that there is inherent randomness in the well-ordered Universe. It is the muse of Creativity, and the effect of Freedom. Live free. Live creatively.

What is your Garden?

We are massively entertained, and vastly uninformed; the shelves are stocked with food, and we starve for nutrition; we have advanced medicine, and yet are ravaged by disease. Toxins are sprayed in the air, poured upon the land, and dumped in the sea. We have been radiated by Fukushima neaarly 4yrs, Depleted Uranium munitions for 20yrs, the biproducts of atomic energy for 60yrs, and fallout from nuclear weapons for 70yrs. We live in a Police State, and the World is savaged by conflict and the heinous politics thereof. The World is in an ugly place, and it is only through this frank understanding that it can be changed-- one must see the obstacles for what they are before they may be overcome. But what can one person do in the face of this monstrous task? The garden one plants is a refuge of the Earth, and together, as individuals, we may reclaim the Earth, one bit at a time.


The trouble with Good Folks, as Thomas Jefferson pointed out, is that they will suffer while suffering is tolerable. They will bear what is bearable. But at a point of turning, they will throw off their burden, raise their heads to look down their noses to the source of their Opression, and say, "No more." No violence, no vengeance; simply no more. And suddenly the would-be Contollers are impotent and insignificant. Evil has only the power which Goodness grants it.


As it is common that bold truths are embodied with double-entendre, that they may be interpreted from polar viewpoints, so enlightenment has a two-fold manifestation. There are two purposes to Universal Understanding. _____All tools are Good, and none, of themselves, are Evil; it is only the use which incurs morality. In the Gnostic metaphor of creation, the Darkness tempted the Light, to be ensnared and made to forget Its existance. That our consciousness of the Universe is trapped in this black box. Universal Understanding teaches not only of the Infinite Will-to-Good, but the sin of covetous greed which seeks to control this Limitlessness. The Forces of Darkness enslave this splendorous, three-dimensional plane in which the expression of Beauty is both enshackling temptation and empowering manifestation of Grace. There are two Illuminatis: Totalitarian and Free. Secret Societies control the release of Knowledge, and even in an awakening, they strive to continue to manipulate the flow of that knowlege. In a gambit of Control, Evil has no power over Goodness but that which it is granted. Do not consent to slavery.

Poetic Syllogism

Life is one song, The World one poem; Existence one word-- TRUTH.