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Attention All Musicians

Through Somber Eyes is a darker, alternative Ottawa project with inspiration coming from the likes of Marilyn Manson, HIM and Deftones. If you fit this profile then I urge you to contact me! I'm looking for musicians preferably with an alternative background and are 19-30 years of age. Looking to fill all roles including:

Lead Guitar Rhythm Guitar Bass Drums Keyboard/Synths

All musicians with backup vocal abilities will be considered priority! Please don't hesitate to contact me either via reverb message or email me directly for a faster response at Ryan.Echlin@hotmail.com

The end is near!

Dear friends, fans and family. I have worked tirelessly on this album for a few years now throughout several delays. Now, every track is ready to go except for one last important step. I could release it right now if I wanted to but I would not be giving you guys the full experience that you would want out of a purchased album. Before bringing this monster to life once and for all, I need to have it mixed and mastered properly so that when you buy this album, you're engulfed with only the best musical experience and not left disappointed! My goal is to raise enough money so that I can get myself in to work with Ottawa's own Corey Macfadyen (Producer/Engineer and Professor at Algonquin College) to finish this bad boy off! I'm very excited to be in the final steps and I will return to you soon with further news :) in the mean time, any help is one step closer to being finished and I am forever grateful for the support! To give back and say thank you, once I have reached my goal, all supporters above $100 will receive a special edition physical copy of the album along with a band t-shirt! More deets to come and thank you again :)


Hello All! Hope you're all having a great start to September, despite school and work. This is just an update on what's going on from my side so nobody is left in the dark. At the moment, I'm getting ready to move back to Ottawa. Should be home by the week of September 25th and I'm definitely quite excited! As soon as that takes place, I'll be in the studio mastering and mixing up the final final FINAL cut of my first album to have it in the iTunes store hopefully no later than the first week of October. Along with anticipation of the release, I'm also pumped to start production of the album artwork. It will be a tad expensive but it's going to be 110% worth it. With the launch of the first album taking place, the EP of my second cd and my second cd itself is WELL underway. The EP will, of course, be acoustic versions of a couple of my new songs and I'm also contemplating throwing a collaborative song or two on it. If not, It's because I'm holding out to put them as bonus tracks for my 'special edition' 2nd album ;) Yes! I'm currently doing a couple collaborative tracks with some very talented friends of mine. You'll find that the songs will have stepped out of my genre. This is purely having fun and not a permanent genre change whatsoever. Just gonna be having some fun with their styles and adding my own....how should I say...'branding' to the genre. :P I'll keep you all up to date as the days and production progress. Thank you again for all of your support, you're all amazing and keep on spreading that widget of mine around for all of facebook to hear! R.E


Hello all of you who have stuck around as fans and not left due to my inactivity! I'd just like to thank you for your fanship and it means a lot to me. The last few months have been hectic with figuring out personal and financial priorities to try and get my musical wheels rolling, but never fear! The end of those tragic days is near and, soon, I shall unleash albums upon albums of emotion filled songs all over your computers and iTunes libraries. Thus, causing an uproar of glorious triumph. Mwahahaha... seriously though... Soon... OH and as soon as my Japan audition is finished, I'll be prepping to start crawling around Toronto and getting gigs in place. If you're in the area, you'll be updated in case you'd like to come out! Thanks again for your interest!



If you happen to be reading this blog, hello and welcome! You've stumbled upon my music page. I'll be taking this time to say thank you for checking out my page and welcome to my world. I love music more than anything in the world and my music is a huge part of me and how I express my deepest emotions. I hope that you enjoy the music that I hear and feel free to leave comments, questions or any feedback.