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BUT FOR YOUR BLOOD - is a new tune by Stan Leisle. He's playing piano and singing and I'm playing all the other instruments. His wife Rose and our friend Joanne are doing the harmony vocals. This is a lovely communion song that many churches are already using. I'D FALL DOWN - is a song off of the new Poplord CD. I didn't produce it - Tom Magill did. I just played bass at their studio and wanted my friends to hear it. SONG FOR THE WIND - is a song by my buddy from my first band in high school - Dr. Henry Woodworth. We just recorded it this year, but we first played it together 35 years ago. He played guitar and sang it and I played all the other instruments. We did the whole thing in my studio in two days. PRAISE THE NAME OF JESUS, SPEAK TO ME, FINAL DAYS & STEP INTO THE LIGHT are a few tunes from Stan Leisle's CD, "Step Into the Light." I produced it and played many of the instruments, besides Stan's piano. My buddy, Jeff Pevar, (CSN, Ray Charles, Marc Cohn, Laura Nyro, James Taylor, etc.) played electric guitar on Speak to Me and Final Days.


REFLECTION - a contemporary number from Alan Yerxa's new CD. A fun 6 months of work in the studio. . PSALM 150 - the opening number from our 2003 Gospel Concert CD from San Mateo. Two choirs, horns, great soloists, Hammond - it's all there. . JESUS, TOO BEAUTIFUL - a worshipful piece recorded live with Stan's band in our sanctuary in 2005. Really builds in middle. . GOT ME RUNNING - a nice folk piece recorded with Jan Krist in 1994. Her CD was spotlighted in Billboard magazine when it came out! . NOW I'M AN EMO KID - my step-brother's 17 year-old son flew out from Illinois to record 5 rock tunes this past summer. Very talented singer and writer! Hard work for this old man to keep up with this tempo! . DROP BY DROP - my friend from San Francisco comes out to record now and then. A very talented singer/songwriter. This is one of my favorites. . SET ME FREE MEDLEY - Kris Sachs went from cruise ships to concerts to choral soloist. We recorded her CD in 2000. Phil Allen provided a wonderful arrangement. . I CAN GO TO GOD IN PRAYER - Avis Blair is an amazing gospel soloist. This one's a barn-burner with Hammond and horns. It was recorded live in our church in 2003. . THE CHECK - I recorded a CD with rock artist Mike Nolan back in 1997. This is an uptempo piece - I got to do a fun guitar solo at the end. . YOU - this came from a live worship concert CD I produced with Rod and Karen Woods who came out from St. Louis to perform at the San Mateo church back in 2002. . RAIN - a thunderous song from Alan Yerxa's CD, "Set Free" This is about the biggest sound to ever from my studio... . GRAVITY - a fine mid-tempo piece from singer/songwriter Vince Burgess. . FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS - the title track from Kris Sachs' CD - 2000 . THE DISHES - a fun piece from Jan Krist - 1994. Nice brushes. . PATH OF GOD - an 80's style hard rocker from Stan Leisle. I get to lay in some heavy Hammond chords and bass guitar. Alan Yerxa does some serious metal guitar soloing. . HIT THE WALL - is a sad song written by the late James Scruggs, a band-mate and one of my closest friends ever. Eric Winston and I finished it after his death. He's smiling in that promo picture of the "Upper 80's." . AMAZING GRACE - the last song on Alan Yerxa's CD. He and I get to trade off guitar licks at the end. His cousin who's a singer at Disney does a verse, then a gospel quartet chimes in on the last verse. . A FINE MESS - Another James Scruggs country toe-tapper. We brought in some motor-city rockers to track with James and Jerry, both from Georgia. I enjoyed doing the Telecaster solo in the middle - (I'm not really a country guy...) . AT THE END OF THE DAY - this one is a beautiful worship tune written by my friend Rob Goffigon, who has since died of cancer. His wife sings on it. We finished the CD just before he died. . I WILL MISS YOU - I engineered and co-produced a big band session with my buddy Phil Allen. The CD showcased his writing and arranging with the Contemporary West Jazz Orchestra. Mikey Olmos' trumpet on this mellow piece is inspired. .