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Hello all you fans, so the day has come! The cd's are finally printed and ready for sale. Order yours now! 15 each or 2 for 25 plus shipping. Send your order to alanapetzschler@gmail.com. Email money transfers accepted until the website www.alanakarin.com is up and running. Stay tuned!


Hi everyone

Well, the time has come. The recording is finished and it's now time to sell sell sell. This I need to do so I can print, print print. Yup, you heard it. I'm pre-selling cd's so I can raise the funds to print. After recording with Uxmal Iguana recording in Thunder Bay, mastering in Montreal, I will be getting the album printed by Duplium in Burlington. I am hoping to raise the funds by June and have the album in the hands of listeners by July at the latest. If you'd like to pre-purchase a cd, please contact me at alanapetzschler@gmail.com

Cheers Alana Karin

Recording is done, printing on the way

Well, it only took 3 years, but it seems that the recording process is done. NOw it's all about getting the cd printed. The goal is to have it all finished by the Fall. Can't wait!

Recording well underway

Well, I'm well into the recording process now. Those of you that are following my progress may have noticed some real changes to some original material. I've been laying down the raw tracks with Uxmal Iguana Recording in Thunder Bay and then sending them off to a friend in Montreal to be reworked and added to. Any comments on the material are welcome. I'm hoping to get some grant money and have the album ready for release next fall. CROSSING FINGERS!

New to Reverb Nation

So it seems that I've made my debut on Reverb Nation. I hope that this will greatly increase my networking possibilities. I'm still working on raw tracks in the Uxmal Iguana recording studio in Thunder Bay and then sending them off to my friend in Montreal to add a multitude of instrumental depth. I'm looking into getting some grant money to get this whole project up and going! It's a relaly exciting time and the creativity is flowing. It seems to following along the water and nature theme of my album anyway. I hope that my new listeners here will enjoy listening to my music as much as I enjoy creating it. Stay as wonderful as you are, and the world around you will keep on smiling. Alana Karin