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Semi-finalist at the International Songwriting Competition!

Semi-finalist at the International Songwriting Competition! www.songwritingcompetition.com

Featured artist on Reverbnation

Featured artist on Reverbnation in November.

Selected by WOAFM99 radio show

Selected for WOAFM99 Radio Show (Season 7) hosted by MTV EMA Nominee & Vh1 Top 10 Artist/ Record Producer Oliver Sean

Hollywood Music in Media Awards - honorary RUNNER UP

Selected and invited for their gala at the historic Fonda Theatre in Hollywood.

Selected by Pauseandplay.com

My new single was selected to be featured on Pauseandplay.com !

Selected by 'Breaking Legs' movie producer!

'Children of Liberty' accepted to be featured by 'Breaking Legs' feature movie, UFO Pictures, Los Angeles, California.

Selected to be featured at Niji Magazine!!

The UK Niji Magazine selected me on Reverbnaton for a feature in their October/December edition.

'Secret Garden' selected by RN A&R Team!

My song 'Secret Garden' has been selected by Reverbnation Curation team and is being reviewed for industry licensing placements.

Excellent Radio Test reviews!!

Excellent Reverbnation Radio Test reviews on my new single 'Children of Liberty'!

"The instrumental has a cool melody I think it sounds really good. The artist singing is extremely talented and has a really good voice for singing. The lyrics are creative. This artist I think could be very popular and this whole song is great, nothing I would change."

"What can I say? Amazing! The music accompaniment totally complements the beautiful chorus and powerful vocals of the artist. The dynamics, the flow, the harmony is a complete fit to the background bass. The musical composition is exquisite and the hook is the great tune that encourages a great tempo that dominates the entire flow of the song. The offbeat percussion and the phrasing of the swing completely immerses the audience in a general type of euphoria that dominates the scale and tone of the ballad."

"love love is the way! i love the whole thing this song represents! don't be surprised, great lyrics, her voice is great very adele like! its hard to find anything bad about this song i would certainly buy this in a store! the vocals, lyrics the beat everything about this song will make top charts."

"The lyrics are original and catch the attention of the audience The female vocals are sharp and clear enough to understand. I don't have any negative comments to say about this track. It was put together very well and I'm sure it will do very well when and if it gets released."

"I love it. Well what can i say. This song has a great beat to it and great lyrics which are catchy and that is good because lots of people would want to sing along to it. The lyrics are deep and come from the heart and i feel that that makes a good song."

"Cool vocals. Dig the somewhat reggae, RnB fusion. I also dig the super catchy chorus with the added synth boost to add a bit of energy and intensity. Hip breakdown section and the added guitar solo in the final choruses, but I probably would've liked to have heard a couple more choruses at the end as it feels like the party's only just getting started. Overall, cool vibe, good feel, lots of attitude."

"I feel the woman was super cool and the beat was nicely put together. I feel her voice was simply neat and cool."

'Children of Liberty' post-produced by John Paterno!

'Children of Liberty' post-produced by Grammy Award winner, LA sound master John Paterno (has worked with Robbie Williams, Eros Ramazzotti, Susan Vega, Glee Series etc)