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regular or bloated

on the lighter side, here is a poem about my morning ritual. See how words are use, full, when relieved of curses stool of action, bubbly blunders bursting busted smells of bad butt burps leaving blistered eyes barely able to breathe sights of burning bacteria belching back sides bound to the bowl of bowels burden. every morning my in, test ends to a means of cleaning out poisons. Cleaner now that I have burned incense over the throne of cleansing, it doesnt feel like winning when inhaling is pealing layers of skin from my nose. don't act like I'm the only one not holding waste in. I hope your future is fortunate flushing toxins away from your experiences within. funk is a music genre unless its restroom time spent, remember wash your hands, dont just rinse. let go regularly or be backed up and sick, looking for a laxative to move through quick. now aint that some...you really want to forget? it maybe TMI but now lighter my body is easier to lift, off the little white lie, my fertilizer smell fresh as tears running from your eyes. I hope cause your laughing and not crying from the smell wondering what crawled up inside and died. Good food, back stabs you every time.

self full filling prophecy

the more you talk about your problems the less time you spend working on solutions. the more you words speak in the negative, the more positive you subtract from you heart, for the mouth speak the abundance of the heart. The more your language speaks of low thoughts the shorter your goals. the more your verbs slur derogatory terms, the more your lessons have gutter returns. the more lack of vision in your nouns, the more your image is limited to your sound, so listen to how you sound before your conversation keeps you down.

program your self, speak what you want into existence

loose lips sink ships, so flip the script on spit lit, fire up the paper, words crypt, underground the truth lives, through our sentences subjects give feelings attention, writing is self love cause to yourself, you listen, the only question is, are you buried in your thoughts or unveiling gifts pictured in riffs to turn observations into treasures you live, seeing short comings as things you did and self improvement time you give to the future, you want to live. Life's a bid to win cause you took the time to cast a yourself in the line that is working plans forward of where your last plan finished. the present is now fully witnessed. a gift time and attention have given. —

Where's your rap headed

ganster rap got gansters clap, hip hop got rounds that clap encores as performance come back to recite inspiration on track. the truth hurts, if you don't accept it, so keep dirt off of idol tracks, lay ugly out flat to see where your at, then pick up the broom and sweep the mess up to separate the facts, bad times start with nasty lines taking music off track. timing and tempo dance feeling p.h.a.t. professional hard and tempered to put gold and platinum with verses that attract, fans with back bone to push the positive wax. see, that music I use to listen to full of straps, left tracks in my eyes when words where confined to pens and pads that crack the track, running errands through a peep hole because like runners in track, you only have one lane of preference in your references to being the first to pass, the tape, draped out in your path, CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS THIS LINE. Gold is hard to find in the gutter, cant see silver in the grime and bronze is lost in color, when to get a head others suffer. street tunes are in view of images acting like the fast life rises to look right, but jeans are creased above sagging seen wearing a R.I.P. remembering tomorrow paid the ultimate price, late, since focus laid to rest on a writers lines that fight each other, unable to combine and make wrongs right. every one has a mangers eye over their own time, but how many act like CEO's planning the business of your mind? you can be outside the box and not be out of line. read between the lines. people change, products remain the same, created to exchange change, for change, so the next time you see some one in the fast lane, tell them to car pool, more than one view pay dues to move through traffic as a family, friends and partners do, together is the only way nobody has to loose love, the effort that made you.

TheRecipeKC Interest

337 & Priest / The Recipe: interest:// when you visit please read our page and our best qualities as you will see none of them are physical, for the mind makes the body and our internet interactions are above the shoulders searching out true hearts with genuine personalities Music: music that synthesizes music, lyrics, mood and awareness. music is our universal language and should be enlightening, unifying and a journey that's new or familiar while always and adventure TV: No TV shows but KCPT edit Books: science fiction, religious, philosophical, poetry, theater, teaching, business, political and social drama's and historical edit Sports: most all, we love the live theater of sports edit Interests:spreading ther word of the oness of all peoples so our knowledge will begin to understand the wisdom of living our worth edit Dreams: Creating a Conscious Culture Movement through Spoken Word until it is recognized GLOBALLY as an Art Form able to sWay elections, RIght injustices, TEar down cruel governments separating LOVe from hatE in an entertaining way that might make your hips sway cause being conscious doesn't mean THERE'S NO tiME to play, just none to be afraid. Lets us capture the next generations mind with rhyme aimed to climb in time a musi-liyrical design offering peace of mind a place to draw the line. edit Best Features: Heart, openness, acceptance, love,Time, attention, affection, compassion, sensitivity, willingness, faith, intelligence, character, respectfullness

Knowledge deserts

Folks say there are food deserts and I hate that term cause I completely disagree. 1. you can grow food most anywhere 2. more food is growing wild in the city than most know when they cut it down, spray it with herbicides and weed remover. What we have are knowledge deserts. Many times I have alluded to knowledge is power for all time once obtained, well here is an example. If I teach you how to grow food that knowledge will never leave you and will always be useful your entire life no matter what the economy and stock market are doing. Without money if you know how to harvest seeds and use the environment to provide all your gardens needs, eating can be free with a little work. This knowledge if passed down will for all days posses power where as most of what you are taught after elementary is only as useful as the economy dictates. I post 1 liners not only to see whose reading, paying attention and or thinking, I'm looking for comments that expound or ask for clarification because it's the conversation that inspires change not one person's speech or commentary, peace, love, bless-ins and respect.

I'm 100%

listening to kkfi 90.1fm and they have a speaker discussing occupy wall street. The speaker is making excellent points except one. just like a hate the term food deserts because what we have are knowledge deserts. Well there is not a 1% and a 99% we are all in this together regardless. As long as we have divisive conversation we will never have a whole solution. if a natural disaster was going to destroy the planet, nature is not going to separate by income, political power, race, creed, color or sexual orientation. we are all on one planet, not 1% or 99% of it. we are all earthlings, not black, whites, europeans, mexicans, indains, asians, etc. are language reflects our divided understanding of what we actually are. I am a 100%, I am whole, I am one with all cause we are all in the same bowl

Knowledge is Power pt. 2

another thought, our biggest threat by a nuclear weapon is not blowing up one on our soil but blowing one up in space above our country. the effect are like that of an e.m.p. like on the matrix, it will knock out all electrical equipment. Now the best recovery projections your government has released say it will take the military and gov. 6 mos to get up and running and the rest of us civilians 5 years minimum cause everything will need to be rebuilt. to make this clear that means no, cell phones, computers, lights, clean water or any manufacturing. all the conveniences of your life will no longer be able to be made. what you have and what you have saved is all you will have. no cars, mostly electrical. Knowledge is power so if this was to happen how much of what you know has power? The rest of what you know is bs. Love ya so I can't not tell ya but is any one evaluating our life style, where we are, what we are and whats best for our existence? In this rat race are you chasing a finish line whose reward is self hate. Self love is to serve self, we can't do it all by our self, so we all need help, but what kind. The Amish will be all right, most think that's not the life but if a nuclear bomb happens to turn out the lights, except for ignorant people trying to rob and kill them, their life style will b e alright. ignorance kills people inside so they find it normal to take a life.

Super Conscious

Yes we are familiar with the super conscious. this is where the ancient saying that teaching is to bring out that which is within. education it to yoke the conscious mind with the super conscious or to align the unknowing mind with the all knowing one. The practice of yoga and meditation is part of the ritualistic process for achieving this union, it is like a marriage, coming form the word martial and when you take your awareness into the super conscious it is an art, thus martial arts the marriage of spirit/energy and body. See our body are animated by energy, subtract energy, end life. We as being are the energy and not the body, when you think, or decide to move you are in control of and are manipulating your self, the energy which interacts with the body, this is why you are in this world but not of it. This is what buddah, Muhammad, kristna, Jesus, kali, etc. etc., spoke of. what is missing form most is the practice. a picture is worth a thousand words, well picture yourself doing, being the image of, what the ancients where doing that made them write the thousands of word representing the unification of the unknowing with the knowing. some will say there is no all knowing but will speak of a gut feeling/premonition which is a cognition of what has yet to happen. We have to learn to hear what is being said instead of being led by what we are told. listen with the heart for it already knows. this is why some one said walk by faith and not by sight. you have to bind/bond with your intuition, for most of what we see and hear here is a lie, not on purpose but one of ignorance to your energetic reality. your body that is energy, proven by scientist, referred to as aura or ethereal body by spiritualist truly exist. one of our biggest mistakes is not seeing where so called different religions or spiritual practices are all saying the same thing in principal, except that info which is of ignorance to the true self. Peace, love, bless-in and respect

Education Free

if we as a country are preparing each generation for the future why isn't health care free or education, when all say education is the key. Why is education pro death and not pro life. Before any one say education is pro life, why does almost every company that exist have a M.S.D.S or H.M.S.D.S., hazardous materials safety data sheet the list all the hazardous materials used on that work site, their use requirements, effects and what to do in case of exposure. how many people died to accumulate this info. Why was it so important to push past death to create more death in the name of progress. We have, with our education, made more things that kill people than heal. Our progress and exposure to these chemicals has created some disease. All this not including machines made for death. Many of the machines using these hazardous materials can kill you, or dismember you. The potential for death is far greater than that for survival in the things we make. The waste from this manufacturing is killing eco-systems, the smoke is polluting the air and to have all these things we are raping minerals from the planet that our plants feed from that we eat. If this is not a disease thinking, tell me what is. If any one can prove that capitalism is a holistic social system, I will shut up, but until then I will keep it up till we stand up, for no one can change a way of living by them-self. Peace, love, bless-in and respect