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Snapper in the "Studio"

Tomorrow we will embark on another day of recording. We will continue working on the Mothman masterpieces for a play at the Point Pleasant, High School. We are all excited to be apart of this project and it means a lot to us to be involved. Keep your eyes and ears open for updates.

New Album in the Works!

Well, I went out to Elrod's house today with Tony Leach (Blackberry Jam) and we laid down the framework to two songs that we're considering for our new album due out hopefully by the end of Summer 2009. About damn time, right? We've had these same songs up for a while and are ready to produce a album PROPER for all the Snapperheads out there get some new material out. As in true Snapper form, we're hoping that all current and former Snapper alumni can help contribute to the finished product. The first song we worked on today is called "Two Red Eyes," which will be one of the songs featured in my mother's play (Theatre teacher) about the Mothman, to be put on by high school students at PPHS in April 2009. (Point Pleasant) The second song we worked on today was sort of a skeleton of a song that kinda just came to us as we jammed today. It's got some great chord progressions and felt pretty good and loose playing it. Not very complex stuff; just simple and catchy. Title of song undetermined as of now. And that's all that we're doing as of now; we'll probably help out a little with the special effects for the play (some of those effect may end up being layered into the new album in one form or another...it's hard to tell.) We'll keep you updated in the whole recording progress when it actually gets off the ground a little. Right now, it's still in its genesis stage. And not genesis as in Phil Collins, more like crude and very unpolished. Peace and Snappa grease, Parry

40 LB Snapper
40 LB Snapper  (almost 8 years ago)

A couple more songs are in the genesis stage now. Pre-Derek Trucks show preparation and Rodney's Iphone 4 track application yields two more songs that could potentially be something pretty cool. So, Elrod's finally got his Sonar up and going, so we can get the ball rolling a little better. Also, I've confirmed some more artists that will help in the creation of the new 40 LB SNAPPER album. Addition of Jared Stephens, Billy Cremeans, Wendell Kelsey, and Bill Galloway will help in the craetion of our new album....more artists to contribute in the future as well...the idea is that pretty much anybody that has played w/the Snapper will be called upon to give their input / help / talents into the recording of our new album due out by the end of summer!

Welcome to 40 LB Snapper on Reverbnation!

Hey guys/gals, Thanks for visiting our new site on Reverbnation! We're really excited about the new things going on within the 40 LB camp. We're out on the road a few times in the next couple of months, specifically in Parkersburg at the Sixpence on Feb.21st. Please sign the mailing list and join our street team to get exclusive news on the 40 LB SNAPPER experience! Thanks, Pistol