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9" Split Vinyl Record for sale

November 2009 marked the release of the Chuck Ragan / Anderson Family 9" split vinyl during Chuck's Revival Tour 2009. This is a limited-pressing and we've got some of those for sale on our website.

There are four different colors available (see website below for colors). This is a Ten Four Records / Stowaway Sound release.

Side A has three songs written by Chuck: Revival Road, In the Clouds, and Live by the Sword. Paige sings with Chuck on Live By The Sword.

Side B has Paige's 2009 Middle of the Field and Larcena, written by Paige and Chuck.

The records are $10 each with $4.95 shipping (for up to four records) to U.S. addresses. Please send me a message on myspace, or at www.andersonfamilybluegrass.com for any questions or for any orders to addresses outside the U.S..

Records are for sale at http://www.andersonfamilybluegrass.com/music.html at the bottom of the page.

9" Split Record with Chuck Ragan and Anderson Family Bluegrass

Coming soon on Ten Four Records, Chuck Ragan will have a 9" split record with Anderson Family Bluegrass to be released on The Revival Tour, 2009.

Two unreleased tracks by Anderson Family Bluegrass as well as three unreleased songs by Chuck Ragan including "Revival Road" written by Chuck Ragan and performed by Ben Nichols, Tim Barry, Frank Turner, Chuck Ragan, Digger Barnes, Jon Gaunt and Todd Beene which has never been released on any record.


Chuck Ragan-

"Revival Road"

"In The Clouds"

"Live By The Sword"

Anderson Family Bluegrass-

"Middle Of The Field"