PWWO Fans!!! We need your help!!!!!!!!!

OK, here is the deal Everyone! PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS needs YOUR HELP!!! First the GOOD NEWS!!!! We have been picked up by a MAJOR producer who is graciously waving all producers fee!!! He has THAT much faith in us!!!! However we still have to come up with money for studio time as opposed to the expense of traveling across country to record for free. We are starting a $5.00 fund raiser to help with the cost of studio time. We are asking friends & family out there to please go to PayPal and donate your $5.00 (Or more if you can! Less if you can't!) to playswellwithothersband@hotmail.com at your earliest convenience! As a thank you for helping EVERYONE who donates will receive a code to download our new single of the upcoming EP for FREE!!! Thank you in advance for all of your support! -PWWO