Recording at London Bridge Studios

So after one of our shows in Tacoma we were approached by Justin Davis, a sound engineer from London Bridge Studio. We've been wanting to get some more of our music out there, but also want it to sound amazing. What better place than to record at one of Seattle’s premier music studios famous for recording bands such as Alice in Chains, Candlebox, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Blind Melon and many other great acts during and since the Grunge era. (3 Doors Down, 10 Years, Default). We decided to start with a five song EP featuring "Once Living","Saint", "Very Well", "Blind Inside"& "Walls Coming Down". Currently, we are in the final mixing stages on three of the songs. The other two need a couple more sessions to add Vox and lead guitar. Then we're off to the mixing/mastering process and shortly after that into everyone's hot hands. (or earholes) For those of you who are wondering how they might be able to help us out with the process. Keep tuned-in for the upcoming promotions through Kickstarter.com Its a site where your donations will not only help with our recording project but it will help you get your hands on all kinds of autographed merchandise exclusive to this promo. -Riverpool