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Cold Winter Sun EP

Our new EP, Cold Winter Sun is out today on Regional Radio throughout the UK with Radioactive Promotions, Download and hard copy release date is October 12th.. Get Ready for the Mayhem!!!!

New member to the Stramashannach Army

Stramash have a wee bit of new news for ye all, after our recent performances in Italy we decided to ask a great friend of ours to join the band as our lead singer and frontman, it is quite a radical vocal change but the results so far are amazing, so we would like to welcome Allan Wright to the Stramashannach Army. Allan is a well known and respected singer in the Glasgow music scene and will be known by many of you, his passion and vocal dynamic has given our music a beautiful rebirth, we will be uploading some album tracks soon starting with Hush.....I hope u will be as moved by his vocals as we where.......Slainte Mhath

A Big Thankyou

Hi All A Big Thankyou to you all for the support and the huge song plays on myspace which have seen us move into the top 10 in the myspace charts with 3 songs in the top ten for folk music... We will have another couple of tunes up soon on reverb nation and myspace for you. On the recording front we are making good progress in the studio, we will keep you updated of our progress and plan to have a video blog up soon. Slainte Mhath