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Holy ( New Track )

Hi everyone, just a quick note to tell you about the release of my new track, called holy, I hope you enjoy it and share it around, it's based on the original Hymn Holy, the first line only, I just got a passion to write this simple little song. so please be blessed

New Track

Hi to everyone, Ive just posted a new track, needs vocals yet , but give us your feedback, hope you enjoy

He's alive

I wrote and produced this funky instrumental version several years ago, and unfortunately just left if on the computer, it was one of my 1st attempts using garage band, it's come out pretty decent, would love to say I'll be adding lyrics soon, but not really sure, even though I have. Lyrics prayed , enjoyed recording it, hope you enjoy it too, please leave your comments

Watch Out

Just re-posted this track very bluesy style. really enjoyed recording this one, going to start recording again in the near future. please share the track, free download and your thoughts welcome

My Jesus

Posted a new track called my Jesus, it's instrumental at the moment, due to having surgery recently, please check it out and give me your thoughts, hope you enjoy,


The new song Superman was written and recorded soley by myself this time, the soung came around by talking to one of my church friends,and he played me a christian song called superman from the early 80s i think, and we were mtalking and I said I would write one about God being my superman. and he said you write it and I will sing it. so I wrote it, he sand it at a church talant competition. but did not sing on the track recorded. thats just me. hope you enjoy it and pass it around to your friends.