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Feeling disalushioned with the music business

I have been on reverb since Sept 2013 and have had a massive learning curve, during all this time I have committed myself to a lot of artists on Reverb, listening to their music, stuck with them and to no fruition, I had a massive cull on fans on here Saturday and realised there were over two thousand artists that had not supported me back, there were over a thousands artists who took the time out to support me back, but have had just over 600 plays of my demo, that does not add up. Why become a fan of someone if you are not prepared to spare a few minutes out of your day and listen to the artists you have fanned? I thank the artists so so much who have supported me and reviewed Eyes Wander, I am so grateful. I will continue to listen to you new releases etc, and all of you are talented. I feel that music business should be even and we support everyone's genre of music and we are even. Gone are the days where you were looked at how beautiful your music was, you produced it is all about a lot of the time now, how pretty or good looking the musician is and their size and tightest clothes and shortest clothes that a person can get away with wearing and all songs seem to be about sex in the music industry The more we could support one another for songs from the heart, this attention would then get back into the music industry like in the 70's, where it did not matter how you looked, the sounds counted more. We all look to take a fresh look at ourselves and not focus so much on sex selling. People who become my fans I support back and listen to their music. As a thank you to everyone who has supported since September, I invite you to share you music on my fb page RuthyB The Lyricist because I promote my likes page. Sorry I have had to write negatively but we all need to re think. Also I have noticed I have more fans from USA big time compared to UK, I can now see UK do not support their own and USA reach out.

Eyes Wander

Please listen to my song, I am new to the music business and have had first song I wrote lyrics to published, at present I am working on two other songs. Thank you for taking the time to listen.