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New works in the works

I know I have been planning on releasing Double R (Relentless Riot) this past year. I have been going through some changes with my career path and my access to the studios I work in. Honestly, things couldn't be looking better for me, and now my music will have that same reflection. Relentless Riot is going to be one of the biggest Extended Plays, or EP's, to be released by an independent artist with his own name in the production credits. Double R is going to be accompanied by a video to be released shortly after the album. In this EP, you will witness the encompassing of an actual riot with the context of something deeper. I'll leave that to you to figure out! As a bonus, all tracks uploaded to Reverbnation will be included in the Music for Good donation, where a percentage of the proceeds go towards funding the Arts, keeping the culture of music in education alive and breathing. I will be releasing my demo on my birthday, November the 6th, and the EP will be released during the week of Thanksgiving. I will do my best to keep all of my loyal fans posted, and I look forward to revealing my piece of art to the public. In the mean time, stay focused, stay safe and stay tuned! -Dejuan Jamil

Life of Mine

What a life I choose to live. I go from wanting the steady and fulfilling lifestyle of being a music educator o wanting to be both behind the scenes and on the set in the music business. I'm learning so much about sound, equipment, and more importantly myself in this educational and experimental pursuit. I've been writing music like a fire was lit directly beneath me but its coming naturally to me with fluidity. I will look back at these times and pat myself on the back for a job well done. Its nearly 5am and I am still awake after getting up at 8am this morning. Its finally happening, I'm filled with energy! Preparing for the latter part of this Convention for AES (Audio Engineering Society) it should be insightful! Definitely feeling inspired and I have not left the kind air of New England. New York is not a foreign concept for me, New Jersey helped me learn from a distance.


Have you ever been so hungry that you have constant hunger pains? That's how I feel 24/7 in the music industry. I am constantly starving for more opportunities to perform and share my love and passion for music with the world around me. In a few short months, I will be getting closer and closer to those opportunities to spread great vibes and provide great performances for all audiences.