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Aaron Solinger "The Voice" Audition Blog The Story: I met up with my buddy, talented Chris Lozano, about 5 am at the Los Angeles Convention Center and we hung out in line with some cool people. Many people traveled from several states away to audition with all genres well represented. There were only about 30-40 people in front of us in line and as the as the morning passed, the line grew around the building. This event provided very interesting and entertaining “people watching”. The outfits and styles were something else. Who even knew they made ten inch heels, or skinny jeans that do not pull up to the proper location of your waist. After 7 am we were taken inside and checked in to a larger auditorium sized waiting room where people piled into rows of ten. Groups started singing songs together, including Christmas songs and current radio favorites. It was comedic as singing voices grew louder as one singer wanted to show his/ or her vocal ability by out-singing the person next to them. Some singers were in their own little world, warming up their voices with songs and scales and others with ipods going, piping their audition song in their ears. Saw lots of nervous faces in the crowd of a few thousand.

About 9 am groups of ten were brought upstairs to a smaller waiting room eventually taken into one of the twelve rooms, ten singers at a time, with one producer in each room. Once inside the audition room with the producer, we sat with five singers sitting on one side of the room facing the other five with the single producer at the front of the room sitting with his Apple ibook open on the desk in front of him. I can only speak for how it was in the room I was in, but would imagine each room was similar. The producer explained that he would raise his hand to stop us from singing when he heard what he needed to hear. He would possibly ask some of the singers to stay after all were finished singing and if not, thank you for coming to audition, we were not what they were looking for this year. I was essentially sitting in chair nine. One by one, each singer (six girls, four guys) sang a single verse and a chorus. I was blown away with the talent. Songs from Alecia Keys to Boys to Men to Aerosmith to Jake Owen were sung and sounded near-radio quality. One of the women singing was a touring back-up singer for Mary J Blige. She was probably the best singer I have ever heard in person. After we all sang and applauded each-other the producer thanked us and asked just one singer to stay (not the backup singer). The singer he asked to stay was good but not nearly as good as two or three others in the room. In my opinion, eight or nine of the ten in the room could have been asked back. Humbly including myself, (I sang a Jake Owen’s song “Startin’ With Me”).

My buddy was singing in the next room and also had a similar amount of talent in the room he was in. He was asked to stay after singing as was one other female singer in the room. They were told that they “MIGHT” be receiving a call by 6 pm with the next step information. If they did NOT receive a call, then they were being bumped and not going to be called back for the next round. At the time of this post, I am crossing my fingers for Chris in hopes that we can root him on.

So much talent was passed up, for reasons unknown to me. Makes you wonder what they are looking for when they are selecting artists for the shows like this.

Thanks for your support as I participated in the experience. Oh and come on out to the Cowboy Palace in Chatsworth Wednesday night where I will be playing with Allen Cummins, Rob Staley and Jeff Sorenson.

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