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Here comes the 2016 summer season!

Summer on Martha's Vineyard means lots of visitors. We play a lot of gigs. This weekend it is the Strawberry Festival at Morning Glory Farm. Next weekend it is a Film Festival. Last weekend we played at graduation parties. The weather is perfect. Laissez les bons temps rouler! http://morninggloryfarm.com/calendar-of-events/

I am not keeping up with blogging...

I may have to give up attempting to blog, that supposedly important part of maintaining a "web presence." I think I am not talented in this regard!

Ringa-Ding Bird

I made a tribute slide show for one of my very favorite musicians from way back when, Bert Jansch. Give it a listen! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UHlKHCxA1nc


It is that dormant time of year but the thunder is beginning to stir. I heard the snow birds this morning singing "chertea, chertea"

String Concert

This year's winter string concert features orchestral arrangements of Handel's "Hallelujah," "Guantanamera," Sibelius's "Finlandia," "Autumn Rhumba," and more.

Rural Splendor

Living on a resort island in the winter we see the place revert to the basics come January. Food, deserted beaches, familiar faces, make your own entertainments, send out the seed orders and enjoy the quiet, that's what it is about.

Working on a new song

Some song writers write a ton of songs. Not me...a song needs to assert itself in order to get beyond an exploration abandoned before it was ever fleshed out. I have to learn to love a song before I invest in it. Sometimes I wish I were more easy going. I am working on a new song now. It has made it into the world and I alternately love it and scratch my head in frustration. But it has been sung over the phone to close friends and it has made Andrea cry, although currently title-less, it does now exist and will continue to evolve until I perform it. I plan to playit with Paul on New Year's Eve at the Pit Stop.

Judy Collins

Judy Collins is still sounding great in the year 2012. I love her work!


Nancy  Jephcote
Nancy Jephcote  (over 4 years ago)