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R.I.P - Theodore Todd Townsend (DED TED) 12/24/67 ~ 02/02/14

R.I.P - Theodore Todd Townsend - (Dead Ted)( Ted Townsend ) December 24, 1967 ~ February 1, 2014, So Sad, Ded Ted passed today, The Santa Barbara Punk scene would not be what it is today if it wasnt for Ted and Mama Townsend welcoming all us young punk rock hooligans into there house and lives, ded teds house was our punk rock playground its where you ent after a show in the 80s, its where you went if you had nowhere to live or were kicked out or ran away from home, its where RKL and the sb hardcore scene was formed along with Secret Service and Rat Pack, Ted and his family did more for our scene without really knowing it then any other person, band , promoter or whatever Ted was the nicest, humblest guy in the world and Santa Barbara and the rest of the world will always be a little greyer forever RIP TED !!!!

Remastered and done !!

Remastered our songs with Shawn Dewey from Lagwagon and Buckwild Dewey and Christ Rest (Lagwagon, RKL) played on this recording also, so this is done now we are ready to go back into studio and record another 12-15 songs with Shawn Dewey engineering and producing !!!

Upcoming Show

The Boxheads wil be playing Jan. 16 in Santa Barbara with The Murder Junkies and the Big Problem at Muddy Waters, should sell out get your tickets early from electric sex enterprises.

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We now have merch and music available at our ReverbNation store, a lot more t shirt designs coming also hoodies, shorts, girls and kids merch.


Come on in the waters fine !!