Jackson Surber's worldwide song debut

CONGRATULATIONS Jackson on the Worldwide debut of your songs GOLDEN MEMORIES and A REEL GOOD TIME on Bert Gagnon's Neon Productions Radio at www.musictogousa.com last Sat.night during The Live Chat Room from 5p til 10p (CST).

Status update

Still alive and kickin'!!!!

Jackson Surber

My younger brother who played bass guitar in our band.......TEXAS.......and who started and maintains "Flathead City" for all you fisherman to send photos of your catches........great!!!!

Finalizing songs for my new two disc CD...."ROADS"

Added first two songs from my new CD to playlist. TIMES A FLOWIN and NOTHIN NO MORE. Many more to come from this 22 song two disc CD. Thanks so much for continuing to like my songs.

Continuing to recover from a near-fatal accident on Christmas night

Thanks to everyone's prayers and well-wishes during this time of grateful acceptance of and appreciation for still breathing. Moving forward day by day........through the pain and shortness of breath...........to a new and better me.

Take care. I've got many more songs to record and share with y'all and I ain't gonna stop "until they throw dirt over me" as Kris Kristofferson likes to say.


Saint Thomas Hospital for three days of testing

Returned briefly to the "hereafter" recently and spent three intense days at my favorite hospital....cared for by THE HEART GROUP...........with good results from all my tests and a major re-adjustment in my medications.......feeling better but weak and not anywhere near 100% yet....but grateful to be home once again. It wasn't yet my time to stay in that place where we all will be........sooner or later. I know this because just like I say in my song about what I experienced while in a coma for six weeks in Jan/Feb 2000 and revisited a few days ago....I'VE BEEN THERE. Take care.


Sister Cheryl's 56th birthday

Though we lost my younger sister Cheryl Jan.2,1981.........time can not erase our love for her and we continue to miss her so very much each and every heartbeat of every day. May you continue to rest in peace dear sister and know that one day we will all be together again. She was a very special and talented soul..........and no doubt has found her place in Heaven. I know she hears my songs each time they play........even now......in eternity.

Monday on Earth

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives so lets treat each other like we would like to be treated and make it a productive and peaceful day........and maybe even write a few lines of a brand new song.....or listen to some of our favorite songs. Music is good for our souls!!!!!

Test Blog

Just learning how to use this site. How do I activate the "Store" site on my widgets? I want people at Facebook and any other place I send a widget to easily be able to buy my individual song tracks from all the places where my songs are for sale. Thanks to anyone in advance for his information. I'm brand new here....and I do appreciate your help.