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To those who follow and support my music, the new VjMobile app for Android is complete!! I have the code for it's download and will be launching it to the public by the end of this weekend!! I'm telling you it's the EASIEST WAY to track my music!!! #Look4It!!

Join the Flame!!

Hello world!! Dr. SkullMane here! Putting in a lil request to any supporters of my music, possible supporters of my music. To the supporters of my music, I'm sorry that I had to push the date of the Black Flame back. Came across some late adjustments that needed to be made. To all others, please get at me here on ReverbNation! Follow me on Twitter too, @skullmane!! Thanks for your time! #BF-Burn em!!

Introductory Blog

Hello world! It's SkullMane here, get at me here on Reverb! http://www.reverbnation.com/skulls7?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav