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New Show Dates

I love how, in booking, if you keep pressing on - no matter HOW tedious the previous session was - SOMETHING comes out of your efforts.

As an artist, the self-motivation factor is one of the biggest pieces to overcome. And, it is a constant battle. At this point, I'm just taking a second to welcome you to my inner party for the feat of being able to add even ONE new show date! LOL. Motivated artists, I know you feel me...

Oh, want to book a HOTT World Band? We are on Facebook and YouTube.com, too! Just contact us @: mystic_dub@yahoo.com Here are our websites - I think you'll dig 'em: www.myspace.com/mysticdub www.sonicbids.com/mysticdub www.reverbnation.com/mysticdub ~Raya

Studio Sessions

May I just say, "WOW"!? For the last few studio sessions, Donald Kinsey (who toured with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh) has been working our previously laid tracks. Now first, all due RESPECT - this man sat, played talked, bumps with BOB. What an honor to meet him and to work with him. These sessions have been a master class on arranging, listening, and being brave enough to do whatever needs to be done to a track to make things - EVERYTHING right. ...Oh, there's so much to say, but so little time now, so I'll have to pick up where I left off later. ~Raya