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We have our slot for the Nashville BLUES Challenge 2013!

All the ducks are in a row for Cara Being Blue as we head into the Nashville Blues Challenge 2013 next week!

We've got our set list, our special tuning, (wink, wink @ Darren Hasten who ROCKS!), practice schedule, our dress code, our day and time at the venue, and a heck of a lot of enthusiasm!!

So many great acts will be onstage with us next week. Folks of all ages, backgrounds, styles, and personalities. It'll be so cool to come out each night to see how everyone approaches the Blues - at their very best - well rehearsed and dressed to the nines!

Here's the schedule - daily, 6:30-9:30 at World Music Center in Bellevue.

Monday 11/4 DOSE Tyrone Carreker Two Tone Lauren Zoeller Band Third Coast Trio

Tuesday 11/5 Jonah Kraut Cara Being Blue (WOOT!) Jesse Black Devine Quartet Kendra Chantelle Band

Wednesday 11/6 Rickey Godfrey Cumberland Blue Tiger Gagan Band Ray Cashman Jake Leg Stompers

Thursday 11/7 Matt Tedder Skinny Buddah Eight o' Five Jive Leah Marie King Band Corey Mac

We really want y'all to come out and enjoy the best Blues Nashville has to offer. $5 suggested donation only!

2014 International Blues Competition

So excited to be entering the 2014 International Blues Competition this year! The band entering with me is chock full of talent! Darren Haston on guitar, Willie Bee on bass, and Tim Ringer on drums.

First step is rehearsing and choosing the top songs that come together to perform in a short set on November 4th for the Nashville Blues Society Blues Challenge and hopefully move on to the finals on November 10th!

It is so odd to be "competing" against our friends - but we will be thrilled and support whomever represents Middle TN in Memphis at The International Blues Competition in January!

Wish us luck or broken legs - whatevah works fuh yah! Thanks always for your support and fandom!!