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Live at Sun Studio

In 2006 the journey of this album began when we won the Jack Daniels’ National Battle of the Bands – the prize, a trip to Tennessee, USA to record in the legendary Sun Studio

Made famous as the original recording studio used by Elvis and Johnny Cash, Sun Studios is a National Historic Landmark and remains in almost exactly the same condition as in the 1950s, preserved as a museum by day and studio by night.

On 10th September 2006 we took over the studio for 6 hours and decided to perform our 13-song ‘06 gigging repertoire as a live performance.

With adrenalin pumping we played through the whole night on a battered drum-kit and without guitar amps in a room that hadn’t been altered since the 50s.

With guitar, bass and vocals plugged directly into the recording equipment we relied on headphones to hear each other and to get the songs right against an impossible deadline. This caused problems during ‘No Looking Back’ when Jack’s headphones slid off during his solo! The track, however, made it to the album despite this small technicality!!

From November 2006 to January 2009 we have been working hard on these recordings to get them to a standard we feel proud of. The project has been a huge task as unknown to us at the time, the source recordings contained noise and interference from the microphone leads. Using the original un-amplified guitar sound on it’s own was not a viable option on the recordings so re-recording sessions in the practice room have been meticulously undertaken to record the guitar as it should sound. Be assured though, the original recorded guitar is of course on every track of the album which remains a true live recording.

We feel proud to call every aspect of this album our own as we have written, performed, mixed and produced the album and artwork with just us three band members putting our heads together. We hope you enjoy the music which had been through an extraordinary journey over 2 years.