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Status of the new album

Weather and the like have put a damper on the progression of this work, but we have managed to get some tracks down on disk. So far working titled "StraightJacket" and "Voyuer" had some excellent takes. Getting ready to maybe do some vocal takes, although I think I may let it warm up a bit (the studio is poorly heated at best). There's a cover on this tracklist, but we'll hold off telling you about that one until we get closer to publication. Let's just say that one of our favorite artists inspired us to rock one of his songs even harder. We love the result, and hope you will too. There's some definite change in feel with this album, we've reworked the instrumentation back towards more early Dean Heathen and the music is lending itself to that same feel. Good news is, we've learned alot about recording since those days and the quality of the newer recordings blow that old stuff out of the water. I'm not saying the old stuff isn't good, I love itr as much now as I did then, it's just that a good song is even better when it has a good recording. Maybe after we finish this one we can look at rehasing some of that into a best of... maybe I'm just getting ahead of myself. I'm just gonna get back to work now, there's still a lot of tweaking to do. ~Dean