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Listen Now...soon to be gone!

No joke...changing the whole set up soon...(we are not worried about the count loss)... just giving you a heads up...new sites will prevent some of the songs from playing...and a new CD release will knock off a couple.. a big thank you to those and your own, who have contributed their time, to my re introduction, after semi retirement... you know who you are...and you all know what ya did...and so do I..

x T

Did Ya Know ...blips and clips

I know the digital world is not working with us here...but you get to hear the first piece from hard rocker Will Gilmer and his long time easy songwritin' mom...(T),,, so ignore the digital 'icks" and get back with us on the mid-road composition that is in works...talk to us!!!! thanx!

Limited time on Fastbreak songs!!!

I have been given liberties with LIVE releases of some of the "original" Fastbreak Band songs....I hope you enjoy them while you can...they are live / straight off the board....

That is something these two bands have in common...we love to record live and DARE to share!!!...we want folks to hear what we can do live... (not to sound snobby, but hey...anybody can do well in a studio)

Please tell your friends about this site...

thank you for listening...and a hey yo in advance if you decide to give us a widget, on your time...

xxx Teresa