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Sea Change

Im living in Geelong loving it. A member of a community choir called One Voice Geelong Sings meet every Monday 5-6 at Deakin Waterfront. We have a gig on the 3 May in Melbourne. I will be on ABC tv on the Aboriginal Comedy called 8mmm. I am in the first series my character is Petunia.

Rhubee Neale Journey to Tamworth 2012

RHUBEE NEALE Hi everyone, I am taking the bull by the horn, taking that step in the water to pursue my dream... Would you like to be a part of my artistic journey? You can show your support by either buying a painting or offering a paid gig. If you are interested or know of someone who would like to buy my artwork so that I can fund my trip to Tamworth in January 2012, fund my CD and UK in July next. I am just putting it out there. Thank you for being there.

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I have never performed out side of Australia. Music and art are my passion and I would love to travel overseas showcase my art and music. From a small child I had a burning passion to sing and perform. I look forward to making friends and build strong networks with in the art and music sectors. Thank you for your time. Kindest Regards Rhubee Neale