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Jedi Throat Master

A fun mix featuring the vocals of my good friend, Ken Wilson

"Secret Treats"

A song dedication to an incredible artist and awesome friend, Kevin Saltarelli. Thanks for sharing the secret treats Kev :P

Black Ninja - Sept 21, 2014

Hi guys! Wow, it's been awhile since I've created anything new. I'm happy to share Black Ninja with you! Super quick, and available for free download!!! XOXO - Angela

Bass Party - May 5, 2013

Havin' a party over here! Thank you EVERYONE I cannot believe I hit #1. You guys are so so so so awesome! I'm over the moon. Bass Party is a free download just for you XOXOXOXO

Ode To The Eighties

Over a year! Sorry guys! This one took awhile... just been busy :) Hope you like! This one is heavily influenced by 80's bands like Depeche Mode and New Order.

Shift Freedom

Another new one! This one's been in the making for sometime now. Glad to finally have it completed. Free download on this one. The idea is meditative. When I composed this one I was actually thinking of something to use in my own meditations and yoga practice, and even to help me sleep. Hope you like! :) XOXO

Finally a new track!

Hey Guys, sorry it's taken so long for me to get something out. Just for that, it's a free download to all that enjoy. It's a short one, but a serious reflection of how I've been feeling lately. Hope you enjoy!!! :) It's called "Unlock Position".

New Track!

New Today! Dr. Jay and His Poop Slinging Monkey. Hope you enjoy! :) PS

Event Horizon

New today! Exclusive download on this track, hope you like :)


Baby Barf

New today! Hope you like! It's been along time coming!!!