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The new EP is in!

MP3 singles/Full Album or the shiny new physical & high fidelity CD is available here, at www.serial-thrillers.com, and just about everywhere else!!! (full list on our website) Thanks and Cheers!!!

This 5 song EP is the second release from Boston based alt.pop Rock media group Serial Thrillers, and is a potent follow up to their 2008 debut. Continuing a tradition of oddly sweet, energetic & intricately crafted song writing, they teamed up again with producer Anthony J. Resta and engineer Karyadi Sutedja @ Bopnique Musique yielding another stellar recording filled with plenty of ear-candy and a fresh and sometimes gritty evolution of their sound.

www.garageband.com interview

Serial Thrillers are deadly catchy For fans of progressive pop rock, Serial Thrillers live up to their name on their 2008 eponymous debut. Bold and unique yet instantly accessible, Boston's Paul Ortolano (singer/songwriter) and Stephe Clements (drums) crafted a dozen killer originals that have caught on with critics and fans alike. The album succeeds in no small part with the added talent of power producer Anthony J. Resta (Collective Soul, Duran Duran, Shawn Mullins, Perry Farrell), and the band is quick to sing his praises. "We had heard about Anthony in music circles for years, as we had some mutual friends," explained Ortolano. "I had always had it in the back of my mind to connect with him to see if we could work together." One thing they had in common with Anthony was their work with legendary New Wave band Missing Persons. "Besides having the privilege of playing together for as long as we have and sharing stages with some pretty heavy hitters, I think touring as members of 'Missing Persons' is up there with our career highlights," said Clements. Once the connection was made, he said, "the experience was amazing... it turned out that we all had such an incredible chemistry and respect for the music, each other, and the recording process. It was a bit of a revelation to find out that it could be so satisfying and so much fun to collaborate in that way." "As artists, I think we've all had that feeling of being apprehensive about working with a producer," he admitted. "I've had some decent experiences, but this was definitely eye-opening." And ear-opening. Though new to GarageBand.com, our listeners have already embraced their hard-edged single "Rex", which is currently climbing its way up our Modern Rock charts. "So far, the site has been very helpful in gauging how our music comes across to other artists and the feedback has been very positive," Ortolano said. "It has also allowed us to connect to other musicians across the globe who could assist in determining possible touring venues, art publications, local radio stations and music scenes. GarageBand.com is turning out to be an effective niche tool in what we're doing with indie promotions and marketing. We were interested in what we heard about the site for that reason: its unique approach to exposing people to new music." The band has taken a fiercely independent stance in releasing their own music, seeing it as their most viable option regardless of their career aspirations. "Even if we were looking for a major deal I think the course of action would be similar," said Clements. "We need to make our presence known either way. We have a lot to gain self-promoting because we believe in the music more than an outsider ever could. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Things can change suddenly." As far as advice, Ortolano recommended that aspiring musicians "have fun, but take what you're doing seriously. Professionally record and package your music. Put in as much time every day as you can getting it heard. Create and keep up mutually beneficial relationships. Nothing beats hard work, and a conquer or die attitude. "For me it's all about balance: between art and business, personal vision and artistic collaboration and compromise, serious and dedicated hard work and cutting loose and having fun. As hard as it gets," he said defiantly, "I still love what I do and will keep doing it regardless of what happens."

Another scenario for April 25th

Another scenario for April 25th You walk into the club expecting to slide in under the radar, and; SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All your friends are there to wish you a HAPPY (fill in the blank). Paul then greets you and puts leis of varying colors and designs around your neck. I come over smiling BIG with a present the size of a two month old Malaysian tiger cub covered by wrapping paper of varying colors and designs. I toss you the package, and as it flys through the air time seems to stand still. Passing through your mind are all the times you went to see bands, with your hopes high for some great music, a little entertainment, and possibly a hot meal, only to have your dreams dashed, by a band of mannequins with a bad sound system, and stale Chex snack mix. You catch the box in the best way possible, flat to your stomach with no corners poking you, or ribbons tangling in your fingers. This snaps you back to reality. This is really happening. Loving friends, family, friends of friends, and friends of family are honoring you, at a Serial Thrillers show, where there is a hot buffet, and a more than adequate for the room sound system. You now are prompted to open your present. In the box is an object, the likes of which you’ve never seen, but somehow know after having seen it your life will never be the same. To complete your evening the Serial Thrillers must now ROCK. This much you can count on. We’d love to see you in the audience at The Bopnique Lounge at Bainbridges, April 25th, and any other time we’re performing in your area. p.s. though we aren’t mannequins on stage, we do have mannequins on stage.


Cool news yesterday. We were asked by the folks at garageband.com to do a short interview to be featured in their newsletter, which will reach 80,000 members. If you get a chance, stop by www.garageband.com so you can listen to a plethora of different artists. Nooooow, so this web log isn’t only a self centered Serial Thrillers” hey look at us” thing; I’ll tell you a little something else. Though some of you may rejoice with us in our moments of good fortune, as we rejoice with you in your more fortunate moments, no one enjoys being bombarded by continuous promotions. Not that we can stop, as we fit into that particular category of human being who needs more attention than the average individual, or we wouldn’t be on a stage dancing around making facial distortions, and bodily contortions to make you look at us .Or would we? Why DO I wield slender pieces of wood at various speeds toward brass discs, and plastic sheets stretched tightly over circularly bent, and glued plies of wood of varying depths. That activity I like doing even when I’m alone and no one is listening. Steady Rhythm feels so good. So” rock steady baby. That’s what I feel now. Let’s call this song exactly what it is, what it is, what it is, what it is” (Aretha Franklin). You ARE the missing link! Goodbye.