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Zed Dalan / Blog


I have a guy working on percussion parts for my songs. I'm honestly really excited to see how they turn out.

I'm Back BB

I'm doing solo work again.

I joined two bands

I pretty much did just that! some local musicians were needing a guitar player and there i was! i will post the work on my main musician page under the link to this one when it comes out. i am sooo excited!!!

Here we go again

okay due to a minor problem with finances i won't get getting a mic until i pay two hundred dollars to my school. hey though, it was either a four grand refund check and be in debt, or pay two hundred bucks. do the math ;)


I did the math, and only 44% of people who view my reverbpage like my music. now, that is a great thing, but i need to step up my game. When i get my microphone i'm going to remaster my sound, songwriting, and rerecord some of my better work. i feel like the biggest problem with some of my tracks is that they were recorded on old tapes that would have been thrown out by any self respecting recording artist. The Average Song i am looking at you. YOU CAN'T HEAR IT. That being said, before i do my new music i am going to re record some songs nobody has ever heard before. I have a lot of great material that needs justice done to it. I want to give those tracks life. Then, a zillion tracks later, i am going to upload some new songs. It all goes back to that microphone. I have chosen a good one that will fit into my college budget, and the reviews suggest that i will be able to record the music i play. That is all i have to talk about today. Hopefully i can improve my work lol. Yet..in the words of a wise man, "no matter what you make, no matter what it is, somebody will love and somebody will hate it." That is all i have to talk about today. have fun.


i finally got my guitar rebuilt :3 Okay update. i haven't released any music since the balled of matches, and it is going to stay that way until august. Right now i am getting my shit chewed out over every penny i spend so buying a freaking mic for my computer is out of the question. go figure. However, once my job starts back in august, ill start exploring new sounds and making those songs about dragons and fairies that everyone has come to know me for. Sadly, i won't be doing a lot of wah/slide stuff for a while in order to make new sounds and progress. This is something i think every artist goes through. Just the concept of doing the same thing over and over pains my back. Now good news is, i haven't stopped writing. writing writing writing is all i ever do. every time i pic up the guitar i do something new! I have gotten a lot of feedback for the song "Zodon." Unfortunatly im getting my shit chewed for something else so this blog has come to an end. goodbye fanbase for now.


I am rebuilding my strat, got two new pedals, a ton of stuff to record with. However, i can't record any music because my computer doesn't have a mic. oh well. life goes on. Some friends of mine are trying to talk me into becoming a performer, but where is the time? Between college and responsibilities i can't. I don't know. Maybe i can...maybe i will...

i hate everything

between my lack of mic, and what has been going on this summer i don't see any new music happening. Not for a while at least. I'll keep things posted tho. :/

Experimental Madness

who am i kidding i play avente garde lol. experimentation and insanity. forget opinions and sound, im doing this for me. HOWEVER i would like to say thank you to all my fans. i wouldn't do this without you.


okay i got a new guitar the other day :D so that means new music right? well with classes going the way they are, its a coin toss _ ill keep everyone who cares posted. thank you for the support!!! O_O ^_^