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Cosmic Oneness

Beyond beauty, beyond love, there is only oneness, of God.

sacred scale

Trying to transpose, to Solfeggio.

Christ Ascension

Energy, is eternal. Love, is energy. Love is eternal.

Sounds of Angel Magic

Sounds of love of God...HU

parrellel energetic connections

Using music, to describe, non-musical, spirit energy.

cosmic relationships

Merging, the dimensions, blending, heaven and earth, let nothing, or no one, stand in the way. With love and adoration, for the creator of the universe, amen and so it is and so it is.

tone poems

The idea of developing, tone poems, comes from combining, vocabulary, with energy work. Tone poem, manifested, as a "pop up", not an energetic. So, lets give the angels, some more tunes.

twin ray

Lunar Goddess, an energetic, tone poem, of male and female, versions of the same energy. AB format, or melody, drone, in this case.


Did some dream work, last night. Was told, "that's the real, Selena, that's the real, Selena," in beautiful, energy. So, definitely, need to help her out before doing any music together.


So, Selena's lullaby, called , sweet little angel, will have to wait on some spiritual clearing.