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Monday Night Jam session in Camden

London is really cool for its diverse people culture especially music. Coming to the Monday nite Jam session at the BAR SOLO in Camden is awesome. It's like the UN for musicians. I mean brazillians , Italians, Spanish and of course Londoners. I guess we all are in a way. Hopefully I can bring you some videos or live feeds one of these days. Despite the bad weather we still had a good showing with lots of versatile artists and fair to say everybody had a good time. I would recommend it if you happen to be in London with nothing to do on a Monday night, come check us out and let's see what you got. Have a great week everybody and will be posting some videos

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This year i hope to showcase my songwriting and singing skills. My First single indestructible it soon to be released in february 2013 on itunes and major retail outlets. Thank you for you support and i hope you stay on the journey with me!! www.youtube.com/vntofficial