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New Samples

We have just uploaded new samples from our demo. Check them out!

Recording Status

Drum, rhythm guitar, and bass tracking is complete. Some small overdubs to do and on to the mix.


We are in the process of recording rhythm guitars. Stay tuned for more info!


We are in preproduction for a demo. Click tracks, scratch guitars, etc. Stay tuned for more updates. BTW, if you are a vocalist and you like what you hear, contact Vinny at vinny@ashesreign.com Thanks!

Auditioning Vocalists

Auditioning vocalists. If you are interested please contact me at vinny@ashesreign.com.

MIDIROCKS  (about 4 years ago)

Hey dude whats up itsme the keyboard player
I have a singer but dont know what he is up too
hard to get him on the phone . bad ass singer
most stuff he does it classic rock . but i have 9 years of choral experience an a higher octave range than he does . anyways left you a few emails like tony i have a modest studio as well as a portable one 16 track zoom hdd16 with cd burner. i have all my own stuff as well 6 keyboards two rolands / one keytar one workstation. two korgs tr 61 workstation an microkorg xl as well as a yamaha workstation. a 300 wtt keyboard amp.my number cell- 804-267-0124 home 3299116 later dude keep up the good work

Looking for Shows!!!

It has been decided,even though we are currently without a vocalist, that we will begin looking for shows.

It is our hope that as we get out there and play for everyone word will get around and we will eventually land a killer vocalist.

So, if you or anyone you know of needs an opening act please hit us up!!!!

Live Song Demos

Everyone is anxious to hear what we are up to and we are just as anxious to share.

We are still looking for a vocalist but wanted to let everyone hear the instrumental demos that we are currently working on during the interim.

These were recorded live at practice with a handy recorder sitting on the floor. Hope you enjoy.