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DeLand Original Music Festival

Yes sir! I'll be playing the DeLand Music Festival Saturday, November 15th. You can find me at the Elusive Grape late in the evening. I'll be selling tickets soon. $10 to get into the whole festival. Pretty good deal, if I do say so myself.

A Day of Playing

Those times when you can sit and enjoy your music are awesome. Today, I spent most of my day sending emails and playing music. Woo! So relaxing

Email Week!

Woo! I love playing shows, but it sure is great to have time to write songs and meet new people. This is one of those weeks. Time to enjoy some outdoor writing time!

Worship Mob!

Wow! What an awesome week of camp teaching some very talented high schoolers. We've been doing worship mobs every night, and I've never felt God the way I have this week. Thank you North Florida Christian Service Camp!

August is filling up quick!

If you'd like to hear me play live, check out the schedule. I might be playing near you!

Gig Salad!

Yes, a delicious Gig Salad is waiting for you here: https://www.gigsalad.com/garine_adams_casselberry


Summer is coming up! I'm very excited to see what's to come.

Open Mic

The Open Mic Nights at Cave Inn BBQ in Winter Garden are going great! Come out and join us on Fridays from 7-11!!!

Cave's Got Talent!

I'm hosting the Friday night open mic nights at Cave Inn BBQ in Winter Garden Florida, starting the first Friday in December! Come on out and enjoy some food and entertainment!

caveinnbbq.com Facebook.com/cavesgottalent

New Song Almost Done

I'm so proud of my newest song. I just put the finishing touches on it, and I'll have it up as soon as I've played it around enough. Look forward to listening to The Pigmy Girl of His Dreams!