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Vid of us downtown Raleigh

Just a quick vid from a fan for the tune 'Mac'. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_yaGNhz-1Fg&feature=channel_page


The circle of craigslist is now complete, with Brian officially having been 'craigslist enhanced'. His story is that he has managed to rent a sweet spot with prime location for the New Orleans Jazz Festival. Which is nice. The rest of us actually have gotten together as a result of craigslist, or mostly. A corporate or cover funk band was forming and advertised through craigslist for players. I (Leo) showed up and there was like 8 people in the room. Good times, but wasn't sure we were all on the same page. Doug, Carl, and another guitarist named Jim were in 'the room', and I think we connected. Jim and Carl decided to have a little funk jam with me, and somehow Carl had cotnact with Brian. After that, in two months we had our first show at the Pour House, April 20th, 2008. Doug actually came to and is playing in a cover band I was a part of at that time, but I became busy with other things so I am no longer a part of that group. After a while, Jim decided to move back home to NY or NJ, and the obvious choice was to ask Doug if he wanted to do it. He expressed in so many words that he really dug this kind of stuff and we all felt like it was a good fit. These days, the chemisty is flowing and it's just getting better. That is another aspect of us and craiglist. That is not to mention my own obsessions with it. I have bought, sold, traded, donated, found renters, helped out the unfortunate, ranted, found a thief in my neighborhood who stole my ipod, and completely abondoned any responsibilty I might have at any given moment just for the right deal. My name is Leo, and I have a problem. I love craigslist.

Check us out

Hey, we are new to ReverbNation, glad to be here. We just uploaded three tunes we are using kinda as a demo, but will be part of a full CD around summer time. Let us know what you think!