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It seems lately that God has been really filling my ink well to write amazing songs. I feel his overflow right now. My process has changed SO much as to how I write a song. Back in the day I would just grab a pen and write, but now I pray over the song and seek God to give me direction and the message in my heart to transfer to paper and then to song.

I'm excited to release another project very shortly that I'm already working on. It's a mash up of a variety of sounds and exposes a more vulnerable side of me. My Alive n Kickin' project was just a "taste" of what's to come. This one I go a lot deeper and talk about some of the things I've been through in my life....abuse, depression, etc.

You will also get to hear more of my harmonies, singing, and see a side of me you've never been exposed to. I'm excited and afraid at the same time ):( I'll release the name and artwork soon.....Stay tuned.......God Bless


Turning a New Leaf

I'm turning a "new leaf". It's called, "Finish". There are always excuses as to why we cannot "do" something or why something got put off. Well, not anymore. If you believe in something enough or it holds importance in your life......you will find a way to get it done. Remain diligent, focusing on finishing this race we run.....taking advantage of every moment we can to have purpose.


"Like a Thief in the Night" - City Boi releases

I am SO glad to get City Boi released! My EP "Alive n Kickin" will be highly unpredictable with several diverse sounds from different genres.

I find a lot of today's music predictable and repetitive so don't expect mass assembly music from me, I pride myself on originality. I hope you dig it!!!!! God Bless!!!!!

K.T. HalleL

Beside myself

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be standing where I am, in time as we speak. Great things are coming to SafeHouse Music. Stay posted........

My self production - SafeHouse Music

For those who are curious, I own SafeHouse Music and produce and record all of my music myself. God willing, at some point I may enter a major studio for production, but I have no desire to sign with a label or be dictated to. It's more about the ministry and less about $$$$. With that being said, if I can support my family by being in full-time ministry I would welcome it. With that being said, I do believe that all things should be done in excellence. That's probably why my album isn't released :( (I'm a perfectionist). I guess having imperfect music would be a "true" reflection of who we are as humanity right?