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Rabbid Rabbit / Blog

2014 what has been and what shall be...

Greetings fellow slave drones As I sit here typing this bit of random, potential nothingness for you. It is but a mere 2 weeks away from a well-deserved time out. Personally for team Rabbid Rabbit it’s been a year filled with life happenings with both extreme highs and chronic lows. For myself it was getting married in March and sharing the monumental occasion with my best friend and guitarist extraordinaire Lance so Loud and his stunning wife Irene. Then on returning from an incredible honeymoon out in the world of Sabie Nelspruit, the wife and I found out we were already 3 months pregnant (just call me super spunk)!! Little Storm was born to us 13 Oct 2014 but unfortunately just a month before her birth my father in law shot himself. It was a mixed bag of emotions being on such a low with him leaving the family scrambling to pick up the pieces and put them together as best we could. Then the incredible high of fathering yet another beautiful daughter, I am truly blessed. I speak only of my experiences and we are a rather private group but I just wanted to quantify the commitment to produce music for our friends. Nothing will stop us and we will never go away, thank you to all of you who have supported us through 2013/2014. It has been an incredible journey since putting the current line together and growing as unit. From being the first band to be interviewed on the Metal and Hard Rock from Africa show on Dilli Gaf radio to being afford the opportunity to appear on the Metal Assault compilation. Thank you to Kathy Dunn from Loud N Loaded promotions for giving us the heads up and to the beyond brilliant Billy “Keep It Metal” for hosting such incredible shows and being the promoter that he is. Special mention to Dean G. Smith who is both a band icon and great friend to the band. His humble mannerism and great attitude towards life is inspiring and infectious. Also the selflessness to push and give exposure to the bands who without him would be far further back in their progress if it wasn’t for him (such as ourselves). To all the other friends we made via FB in Angola and around the world…we hope to meet you all in person in the near future. Side note: Lance has started a death metal project called Gorous. This is NOT a side project but very much a beast created in his own image…RR continues but whilest we time out and regroup our energies. Gorous will take form and the lead which we are all super excited about as we all actively partake in its evolution into the public domain. Right enough jabber for now, keep it real and don’t do drugs.


Howdy friends of the Rabbid Big things happening in the last quarter of the year. We have another industrial metal weird track in the works. Samples of the vocal track have been released and so far it is verging on mind-blowing cool. Then in the works is the much spoken about cover version of Sabbaths “Sweet Leaf” which will be renamed “Cybertwakkie” which in Afrikaans means cyber tobacco…just cause we can. The concept came to me while stuck in traffic trying to get home one evening during an awesome Gauteng load shed moment and the Korean made sedan was overheating beyond measure. You know you’re with a brilliant bunch of people when you blab out on WhatsApp a concept and before you know it a recorded sample of what you explain hits your inbox and is BETTER than you could ever have hoped for. Then very exciting is the Arx interview on Dilligaf Radio via the Metal and Hard Rock from Africa show hosted by the one and only DeanMachine. This will be happening around noon South African time on the 25th of Oct and the plan is for everyone to meet up in the chat room and celebrate all that is African and heavy as f*** musically!! Hit or save the link and come join the party…I promise you won’t be disappointed it’s all metal and bull**** with everything goes conversation real time!! SEE YOU THERE! http://dilligafradio.blogspot.com/

End July 2014 update

Greetings fairest friends of indie brilliance. As we inch ever closer to the Southern Hemisphere Spring season. Our roster of artists have been grinding away behind the scenes. Agenda Plex (drum and bass) Agenda Plex was the music creative contributor of two tracks on the recently released Bianca Alana EP. For those of you who are not familiar with Ms.Bianca, she is a model/actress/singer and very much up and coming in all three fields. Great work by both parties for the free download of the ep follow the link http://biancaalana.bandcamp.com/album/bianca-alana-ep The Grains (experimental/progressive) Alan Guy the creative genius and all round brilliant person. Recently released his 3 track ep entitled "The Economy of Bluff". Rumor has it Alan's debut music video is in the works as an added bonus. SubMortal (drum and bass) It is not yet confirmed but debut ep for SubMortal is set to be released 10 Aug. Rabbid Rabbit (Metal/Industrial/Progressive) The very kind folks from Keep It Metal have potentially considered RR as an addition to their free compilation disc. Links to be sent out when the disc drops to all RR friends (they don't believe in the "fans" concept). That is the roster crew update for now, as for FFR a great huge thank you for the interest and support shown in us of late. Without your interest we are nothing and our roster without the platform they need to reach new heights with. For any interest to collaborate with any of our artists please mail us directly and we will broker a deal. Financially we do not believe in charging or paying for collabs unless any revenue is created from the final product which will be seen as a 50/50 creative rights entity. For the love of music and those who enjoy it, love life and stay strong. Regards FFR's Don.


It is no secret we dont care about fortune and fame. What we do however care about is the fact that music has lost its fun factor and everyone is pushing for fame and fortune...not us.

When we all return to mother nature we want to be the toads that beat the drum for the campfire committee meetings, weddings and barf-mitzfas...for the shits and giggles.

Now go show your appreciation for the most arb band in the word. Peace, love and respect to you one and all.

Enter the Feral Fortress Records!!

Hi everybody in cyberland...

So as you may or may not know, myself (Don) and Yuri from Arx band have teamed up and formed Feral Fortress Records. Blame Yuri if the name sucks he came up with it.

So far we have signed two EDM acts Agenda Plex, SubMortal and then thrash metal act Arx and multi genre madmen (and lady) Rabbid Rabbit.

These acts were selected to proverbially cut our teeth on and learn from our mistakes. Once the ball gets rolling we are going to be seeking out hot South African talent to export abroad to wherever the demand may be.

If any international acts (outside of South Africa) are keen to play in our beautiful country we are happy to liase with the events companies on your behalf. We will act as your point of contact and will initiate negotians between your managment and the events teams. If you dont have management we can always come to some sort of win win agreement too...for the love of music!! \m/


Today 11/4/2014 we launch our first cover version of a track we all grew up and love to the max. Not only that but it features a South African metal icon and defender of African metal now living in the UK. 1pm RSA time is the launch...watch this space!!


Spreading the Rabbies!!!

Our very first official release will be Dec 2014 and the work has already begun. We have just uploaded a sample of what direction we are aiming for...and just know that 1min30sec was about 4 hours worth of work. I am understanding why bands hate the studio vibe now...plus beer makes you forget how to play your OWN tunes in a big way too. Enjoy and please give us your thoughts on the sample track.


Team RR

Misadventures or Fucks Funny...

Odd title for a blog yes I know...

When naming this band little did we realize just how apt it would be. The members literally get it on like bunnies...guitarist Filthy Fil and his lady became proud parents 24/10 CONGRATS GUYS! And bassist Jeremy Awesome is nearing being a married man AND new dad...see what I mean!? Building the metal militia numbers rather nicely. Rabbit will be laying low for a while obviously but has so much up its sleeve nearly ready to go in the final phases of near release. In the meantime keep it real, spread the viurs and keep it Rabbid...\m/

Fungal Cock and the misadventures of a rock band

Greetings fair sirs and maidens...

So I am Don founding member of Rabbid Rabbit and ex-Taim Sods bassist. Till now our little project went from a way to kill time between myself and current bassist Jeremy Awesome. To a fully grown monster that gained so much steam and momentum...that it was put on hold. Finance issues, kids on the way, Doctorates to be studied for and new marriages frowning upon too much time spent creating music.

That said we are very much around and plotting where to next. Seeing as we managed to combine metal with virtually every single other genre out there to good effect. The question now is...what else hasnt been done that wont come across as poser, fake or forced.

Well the answer is...shit we dont know we are still pondering it. In the meanwhile more singles will be coming your way and please check out my pet project I am assisting in getting off the ground LUNA[SIK].

So till the next time make love like bunnies, eat your carrots...or play with it to if that is your thing.

Stay awesome

Team RR.

Monkey Spunk in the dbl bed bunk...

Its Friday

Need I say more? Well hell yes of course I do right! We have videos waiting to be made in the wings, a band practise of note coming up AND to top it all off we have a sister band called Luna(sik) and man they are SICK! Best you like and check them out and stuff...or we throw voodoo muti on your totti to shrink your junk...I know ppl bro dont make me do it. If your a chick disregard the potion cant do shit to you or shrivel anything.

Right so crank it loud and stay awesome

Bunny ciao for now

Regards Don and RR Crew.