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First Blast - Forks - 5/2/09

Hey Kids,

so another First Blast for the record books. was a great time. it was fun to see some old faces from home, both sets of parents of course, the alberts, the boones, the sarah/pat christophers, and the somewhat more usual faces like sully, foggy, and of course, my sweater-backed friend Tanzer, whom i know is drunk when he comes up to talk to me mid-song.

the jill kelley bachelorette party kept the dancefloor working most of the time. the band sounded pretty good, though i think we might all admit to some rust. we were almost loud enough to interrupt the basketball game, but that's what we get for playing inside. personally i had fun playing my new SG and 12 string dano. fun to mix it up a bit.

thanks to joeseppie (who pulled out a couple of nice solos, even calling for one no less), hoove and his new bald head, randall (who may get in trouble for the red wine rings left on the floor), and particularly dave ragsdale for playing a fine drum, but maybe even more for the dance throwdown Billy Jean display during the last break. wish i had video of THAT to put up. noley bon jovi, foggy, and tony also did a FAB job sitting in on some tunes, thanks dudes.

thanks to all who came, and hope to see you all soon.